The Planet Mark Sustainability Certification | Formerly Planet First

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification for business which recognises continuous improvements, encourages action, and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals.

Our three-step process to
sustainability certification

How to easily achieve sustainability certification for your business with a host of other benefits

1. Measure

We measure your carbon and social data with rigour so you can report your progress with confidence and authenticity.

2. Engage

We help you engage your staff to unlock their knowledge and drive passion
for change.

3. Communicate

We give you tools to communicate your progress which builds a trusted and positive brand.

Through embedding sustainability in your company culture, building knowledge within your teams, and effectively communicating your progress with your customers and supply chain, you will achieve true economic, social and environmental value from your sustainability programmeand contribute to a thriving planet. 

You can be a part of the movement to create a thriving planet and a flourishing society. A smart and future-proofed business leaves a positive impact on every customer, employee, and their supply chain. As well as benefits to the climate, embedding sustainable practices brings huge business benefit too. 


We see a world where we all contribute to a thriving planet and together we are a collective force of good.

We enable organisations and their people to positively transform society, their environment and the economy. 

At The Planet Mark we know that by uniting the very best of people technology and nature, we can radically reduce carbon emissions, transform communities and ultimately halt climate change. Companies are certified immediately based on their commitment to continual improvement in sustainability.  

On average, The Planet Mark certified businesses make a 12% cut in absolute carbon emissions  per year, 16% carbon saving per employee per year through reductions in energy, waste, water, travel and procurement. And, 99% of our members achieve their targets in order to renew their certification year-on-year. 

Our Community’s 2020 Impact

Organisations certified


Average carbon reduction p.a. for our members


Average carbon reduction per employee p.a.


Success rate for members achieving certification



“Sustainability has a commercial perspective as we’re saving money at the same time. Join The Planet Mark and make a big difference not only to the environment but also to your staff morale and your bottom line. The expertise that The Planet Mark team shares is outstanding”

Nick Keyte

Chief Product and Brand Officer, Gieves & Hawkes


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