Day: October 22, 2020 | The Planet Mark
Finish Strong – A sustainable and resilient recovery post Covid-19

Finish Strong – A sustainable and resilient recovery post Covid-19

Free Carbon Clinics until 23rd December 2020

As we face unprecedented challengeswe must recover and create a world where sustainability is a primary focus in its reconstruction. We have the opportunity to reimagine a more sustainable future, aimed at preserving biodiversity systems and tackling climate change. The appetite for change that the pandemic has brought must be leveraged towards rallying support for the common 2030 global sustainability agenda and ensure people enjoy durable prosperity.  

In support of the Global Climate Strike Friday 25th September, we provided free complimentary carbon clinics designed to help organisations cut through the complexity and provide informed perspective and practical solutions to tackle climate change. Following its impact, we have extended the free carbon clinics until 23rd December 2020.  

Our sustainability consultants will help you navigate the first steps towards measuring and reducing carbon emissions to ensure your sustainability efforts are credible and robust, and ultimately improving business performance. These 30-minute clinics, suitable for organisations of more than 20 people are designed to give tailored advice to advance sustainability journeys.  

With our three-step process to The Planet Mark certification, carbon measurement and reduction are made efficient and straightforward: 

Step 1 Measure: We measure your data with rigour so we may speak with confidence and authenticity.   

Step 2: Engage: We help you engage your staff and wider stakeholders to unlock their knowledge and drive passion for change.  

Step 3 Communicate: We give you tools to communicate your progress, influence others and build a positive brand.  

At  The Planet Mark, certified members deliver results beyond regulation and compliance, making a 16% carbon saving each year per employee through energy use, waste, water, travel and procurement.  

Together, we are a collective force for good.