5 Tips for Carfree Day in your business

Sep 19, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Is your business ready for World Carfree Day? Here’s 5 tips to ensure your business is travelling sustainably.

World Carfree Day and business sustainable travel

Thursday 22nd September 2016 is World Carfree Day when people are encouraged to get around without driving alone in cars and instead car-share, use public transport, cycle, or walk. The objective is to reduce traffic congestion, fossil-fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions and air pollution. It is also an opportunity to show people the advantages of not using the car. If you act quickly there is still time for your business to take part.

How can Car Free Day be implemented in your business?

  1. Download free resources (e.g. posters) from the World Carfree Network website to draw attention to the event. Publicise it on your company intranet and use social media where appropriate amongst your friends and work colleagues
  2. Encourage all your staff who normally travel to and from work by car to try a different method, even if only for one day. Ask senior members of management to publicly commit to doing so and take photos when they do. Anyone who car-shares already can offer any empty to seats to other colleagues. Those who travel alone can use an alternative method or start a new car-share. Ask managers to be flexible where possible for staff who necessarily arrive late or leave early in order to take part.
  3. Offer a reward and means to celebrate those who changed their travel behaviour as above. Perhaps serve a delicious breakfast on arrival at work or cake at coffee break. This will generate a discussion amongst those who did not take part and did not receive the reward and incentivise them to observe similar events in the future
  4. Measure and celebrate your success – perhaps count the cars and take photos in the staff car park on the preceding day and on Carfree Day itself. Publish the results in your Newsletter. You could go further and survey participating staff to calculate how many miles of car travel and associated litres of fuel, have been saved
  5. Suggest your staff maintain the new arrangements. They may find they enjoy the stimulating company that car-sharing offers instead of travelling alone. They may appreciate the increased fitness that cycling or walking enables. Plan for an even bigger event next year – ask your staff for feedback and use the material and data you gather this year.

Clearly some business travel, including car use during the working day, is essential. However for many businesses such travel has a major impact on their overall carbon footprint. Planet First has joined forces with BST Environmental to provide a workshop aimed at helping organisations tackle the cost, time and carbon emissions resulting from their business travel. To find out more or register your interest please click on the button below.

Will Planet First and BST Environmental be taking part in World Carfree day ? Well mostly we work from home, travelling into central London for occasional meetings or to clients’ premises by public transport but we all pledge to avoid non-essential personal or business use of a car on 22/09/2016.