Act On 7 and carbon reduction

Aug 18, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

The Planet Mark has launched a new campaign today to help businesses cut their carbon footprint

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‘Act On 7’ aims to address the needs of organisations that want to take action on their carbon footprint but either don’t know how to or are struggling to make year-on-year improvements on their carbon reduction programme. It will provide them with easy-to-understand tips, guidance and tools, as well as inspiring stories and compelling case studies. Topics covered will be wide ranging and include everything from carbon foot printing to driving up efficiency, to engagement and innovation.

The Planet Mark is a certification programme that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint, requiring them to make a commitment to reduce their carbon emissions on an annual basis. Latest analysis by Planet First, the sustainability consultancy that provides The Planet Mark in association with Eden Project, shows the business sustainability certification programme is helping customers reduce their carbon footprint on average by more than 7% per employee, per year. The cost savings associated with those savings come to more than £100 per employee.

“We want to empower organisations and their individuals to make ongoing progress on their carbon footprint. That’s why we’ve launched ‘Act On 7’, a campaign to get business to cut carbon and beat our record of 7%,” said Steve Malkin, ceo of The Planet Mark.

Shirley Duncalf, head of Sustainability at Bidvest Foodservices, a Planet Mark-certified business, added: ”We need to get more businesses tackling their carbon footprint and to help those that are already doing so to keep on reducing. That’s why I fully support the ‘Act On 7’ campaign. We know from our research with our customers that any positive measures and resources that can support their sustainability journey are viewed as invaluable – this is one of the main reasons why we recently launched plate2planet, and we’ll be using that channel to help promote the important content being created for the ‘Act On 7’ campaign.”

Paris Climate Deal

‘Act On 7’ is being launched in response to the Paris Climate Deal (COP21), an ambitious international agreement committing countries to keep the global temperature increase “well below” 2C and to pursue efforts to limit it to 1.5C. Under the deal, countries are expected to set increasingly ambitious targets for cutting their national emissions and to report on their progress every five years. As part of its commitment, The Planet Mark has pledged to help it’s existing customers cut their carbon footprint per employee by 10% or more a year.

Jane Burston, head of Climate and Environment at the National Physical Laboratory who sits on The Planet Mark Advisory Panel, said: “COP21 was a turning point for nations coming together with pledges for how they plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Climate change needs to be tackled by individual businesses in support of the target at the national level. For those businesses that are yet to set their own emissions reduction targets, they will need to start measuring their carbon footprints so they know where they are starting from. Tools that support businesses to do this simply and easily are going to be very much in demand.”

Marcus Pearson, Environmental manager at DP World London Gateway, added: “The Paris Climate Deal has further highlighted how large scale developments need to play their part to help tackle carbon emissions. Here at the London Gateway Port and Park we are working with The Planet Mark to help lower our emissions during construction and operation; we are looking forward to using the ‘Act On 7’ campaign to help us make these improvements.”

The first ‘Act On 7’ resources to be published are a ‘Beginners Guide to Carbon Footprinting’ and a downloadable ‘Carbon Savings Calculator’.

The campaign is being promote using a range of different media, including press and PR, social media and outdoor advertising. The hashtag for the campaign is #ActOn7.

The Planet Mark will be hosting ‘Beyond Paris: The Climate Deal and what it means for me’, later this month, an event looking at the next steps after the Paris Deal and what action business can take.

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