Award winning design studio, Winch Design, flies the flag for greener production in the luxury industry.

Jan 30, 2019 | News

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Pioneering environmental charity Cool Earth cuts total carbon footprint by a staggering 46%

Cool Earth, an International NGO, championed by celebrities including Sir David Attenborough and Dame Vivienne Westwood has slashed its total carbon footprint by 40.8 tCO2e. Enough carbon to sustain the energy use of an average household for over 3 years.

This, its seventh year of carbon footprint reporting with The Planet Mark has seen the multiple award-winning charity exceed its carbon reduction target by an impressive 31%

Cool Earth’s Director Matthew Owen said, “Protecting tropical rainforest makes a massive impact on carbon emissions worldwide. But it’s important to recognise that actions closer to home can also play a big part in the fight against climate change. That’s why we track and report on our carbon footprint with The Planet Mark and why we’re delighted to see it reducing so dramatically year after year, despite the growth of our operation.”

Every year, about 18 million hectares of forest, an area the size of England and Wales is felled. As fast as the trees go, the chance of slowing or reversing climate change becomes slimmer. Cool Earth exists to empower local people to protect their rainforest, in order to combat global warming and protect threatened ecosystems.

Since 2007, this commitment has seen Cool Earth’s partner communities protect an area of endangered rainforest equivalent to 450 thousand football pitches, locking in over 230 million tonnes of CO2 in the process.

On presenting the certification, Steve Malkin, CEO & Founder of The Planet Mark commented; “Maintaining our rainforest enhances biodiversity, the generation of fresh water and peoples’ lives, and it also helps lock in carbon and mitigate the effects of climate change.   We are particularly delighted to award Cool Earth with The Planet Mark certification for their outstanding efforts to measure and reduce the carbon emissions in their charitable operations. From their involvement with the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy to support from Sir David Attenborough, Cool Earth is without question one of the most impactful charities in rainforest protection, contributing to stronger societies and safeguarding our environment.”

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Winch Design, a London based luxury design studio, has been awarded The Planet Mark certification for its commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 5% year-on-year.

Presenting their certification at the Winch Design studios in Barnes, Steve Malkin, CEO & Founder of The Planet Mark, commented; “It is with particular joy that we are able to present Winch Design with The Planet Mark certification. Nature is inspiring and informing their design work and sustainability is guiding their business decisions, operations and company culture. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the Winch Design team suggests to me that they are going to make a great contribution to society and to the environment.”

Founded in 1986, Winch Design has established itself as a global leader for luxury design, instantly recognisable, it is the go-to lifestyle brand for individuals of an ultra-high net value. The team, comprising of more than 100 skilled designers and support staff, provide their clients with an exclusive and discreet design service. Uncompromising on excellence, they create entirely bespoke and individually tailored homes on land, in the air and at sea.

Kirsten Hill, Head of Recruitment and Partner at Winch Design, commented; “We’re endlessly inspired by the natural world and understand that in order to preserve its beauty for generations to come, it is our responsibility to act now. We hope that by taking the initiative to reduce our carbon footprint, be it in the studio or how we design and deliver our projects, we aspire to set the standard for the luxury industry as a whole.”

The Planet Mark Certificate recognises Winch Design’s good practice in sustainability, including:

  • Measuring 34.6 tCO2e from electricity, natural gas, water and waste sources, the equivalent of 0.4 tCO2e per person
  • Storing 260 tCO2 in one acre of protected rainforest
  • Making a commitment to engage employees and suppliers to drive sustainable improvement in the company
  • Investing in the Eden Project to support continuing education on climate change

Specific measures Winch Design is taking to hit its 2019 targets include:

  • Achieving a 5% carbon reduction across the business
  • A total carbon reduction of 1.73 tCO2e
  • A reduction of carbon emissions per employee of 0.02 tCO2e

Winch Design:
Winch Design was founded in 1986 by Andrew and Jane Winch as a specialist Exterior and Interior Yacht Design Company. Over time, the company has added aviation, architecture and interiors teams to its core yacht portfolio and now employs over 100 people, working on a number of international design projects on land, in the air and at sea. Based in an old fire station on the banks of the River Thames, Winch Design celebrated thirty-two years in business last year.

The Planet Mark:
The Planet Mark is an internationally recognised and trusted sustainability certification programme, recognising commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability. It is awarded to businesses, properties, new developments and projects that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

The Planet Mark partners with two award-winning charities:

  • The Eden Project, a visitor attraction encouraging organisations to learn more about climate change and the importance of biodiversity.
  • Cool Earth the award-winning charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction. Each holder of the planet mark protects one acre of rainforest in Peru.

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