Breakthrough Funding tackles own business impacts with The Planet Mark™

May 15, 2018 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Social impact business Breakthrough Funding has committed to tackling its own sustainability impacts year-on-year, by becoming a holder of The Planet Mark™.


Breakthrough Funding is a ‘profit for purpose’ social enterprise. It helps innovators claim back their R&D tax and then puts half of the profits it earns from that activity into social impact projects.

The company has been awarded The Planet Mark™ for calculating the carbon footprint of its office in Ashford, Kent, for the year ending December 2017, and for committing to reduce its carbon emissions by 5% annually.

This year’s footprint includes emissions from electricity use in the building and fuel used by the fleet. It has also measured emissions from waste disposal, air and rail travel, water supply and treatment and from the production of paper used in the office.

The relative carbon footprint in year ending December 2017 was 0.90 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) per employee and the total carbon footprint was 15.4 tCO2e.

Electricity emissions accounted for 36% of total emissions for the reporting period, followed by diesel from fleet vehicles which accounted for 29%.

On being presented with The Planet Mark™ Certificate(see picture), Breakthrough Funding said: “We were reasonably committed to The Planet Mark and looked at ways in which we can be a better corporate citizen not just for our staff and the local community, but in a wider environmental sense too. That’s why we signed up. But when Steve came to present our award and gave a really compelling presentation on investing in the Eden Project, protecting endangered rain forest and just what is happening to our planet everyone was totally hooked. We’re re-doubling our efforts for next year!”

Presenting the award, founder of The Planet Mark™ Steve Malkin, said: “I was overwhelmed by the positive ideas and actions from the team at the Breakthrough Funding. They already have team breakfasts, free staff fruit bowls and Friday drinks in place so there is a great company culture, but there is a real willingness to do more, from cut back on their paper usage to finding ways to reduce their energy consumption. It seems no stone will be left unturned and I can’t wait to see how their next certification goes.”

The Planet Mark™ Certificate recognises Breakthrough Funding’s good practice in sustainability, including: measuring carbon emissions from electricity, water, paper and travel investing in the Eden Project to support education on climate change storing 260 tCO2e by protecting one acre of endangered rainforest through the charity Cool Earth committing to engage employees and suppliers to drive improvements.

The Planet Mark™ was founded in 2013 with the iconic Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, and is awarded to businesses, properties, new developments and projects that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

Since it launched, The Planet Mark™ has certified over 100 organisations and helped holders of The Planet Mark™ cut their average carbon emissions per employee by 10% per annum.

Holders of The Planet Mark™ have a minimum requirement to reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5% per year.