Finish Strong – A sustainable and resilient recovery post Covid-19

Finish Strong – A sustainable and resilient recovery post Covid-19

Free Carbon Clinics until 23rd December 2020

As we face unprecedented challengeswe must recover and create a world where sustainability is a primary focus in its reconstruction. We have the opportunity to reimagine a more sustainable future, aimed at preserving biodiversity systems and tackling climate change. The appetite for change that the pandemic has brought must be leveraged towards rallying support for the common 2030 global sustainability agenda and ensure people enjoy durable prosperity.  

In support of the Global Climate Strike Friday 25th September, we provided free complimentary carbon clinics designed to help organisations cut through the complexity and provide informed perspective and practical solutions to tackle climate change. Following its impact, we have extended the free carbon clinics until 23rd December 2020.  

Our sustainability consultants will help you navigate the first steps towards measuring and reducing carbon emissions to ensure your sustainability efforts are credible and robust, and ultimately improving business performance. These 30-minute clinics, suitable for organisations of more than 20 people are designed to give tailored advice to advance sustainability journeys.  

With our three-step process to The Planet Mark certification, carbon measurement and reduction are made efficient and straightforward: 

Step 1 Measure: We measure your data with rigour so we may speak with confidence and authenticity.   

Step 2: Engage: We help you engage your staff and wider stakeholders to unlock their knowledge and drive passion for change.  

Step 3 Communicate: We give you tools to communicate your progress, influence others and build a positive brand.  

At  The Planet Mark, certified members deliver results beyond regulation and compliance, making a 16% carbon saving each year per employee through energy use, waste, water, travel and procurement.  

Together, we are a collective force for good. 

Sustainability Leaders Announced at The Planet Mark Awards 2020

Sustainability Leaders Announced at The Planet Mark Awards 2020

The Planet Mark Awards returned for a third year yesterday evening, at a virtual ceremony, celebrating the incredible successes and initiatives of holders.

Recognising the work undertaken by businesses during their reporting period of 2019 to cut their carbon footprint, engage with their employees and communicate their achievements, the 13 categories of awards were classified into four main themes, aligned with The Planet Mark certification structure: measure; engage; communicate, and overall.

The entries were reviewed by an esteemed judging panel including; Sarah Gillett, chief operating officer of The Planet Mark;  Steve Malkin, CEO and founder of The Planet Mark;  Dan Ryan, Lead of The Eden Project’s Sustainability MSc;  Louise Scott, Director leading coordination of PwC’s Global Sustainability Network, and Matt Sexton, Chief Strategy officer of Futerra

The Planet Mark Founder, Steve Malkin welcomed over 120 guests from across the globe to the virtual event, commenting; “We have a constantly growing community of amazing organisations who share common values for sustainability, a positive ethos and a desire to create social value. There is much to celebrate in these, our third awards, for holders of The Planet Mark.  Achieving The Planet Mark is an award in its own right, so for those organisations registering entries, you have gone well beyond the demands of our certification.  It means that those shortlisted here have done something truly extraordinary.  And for those that are Highly Commended and the few that have won an award, you can feel rightly proud.  Your commitment to sustainability and your passion to measure, engage and communicate with your employees, supply chain and wider communities mean our common goal to build a better greener future is in safe hands.”

    Award Winners and Finalists

    Measurement Category: As part of The Planet Mark, measurement of data is rigorous so businesses can report their progress with confidence and authenticity. Under this category, there were three awards: Absolute Carbon Reduction; Carbon Reduction by Intensity, and Data Quality and Collection. Companies were entered automatically into this category based on their carbon footprint results.

    Absolute Carbon Reduction, sponsored by Circular Ecology

    • Winner: A&E Fire and Security | With a 42.7% reduction
    • Finalists: Ecoprod, Abbey Business Interiors

    Carbon Reduction by Intensity

    • Winner: Goodman Logistics Development | with a reduction of 50.9% per employee
    • Finalists: The Furniture Practice

    Data Quality and Collection, sponsored by Crowdfunder

    • Winner: GreenZone Cleaning and Support Services and Homerton NHS Trust | with a score of 95%.
    • Finalists: The Furniture Practice

    Engagement Category:  Under this category, there were three awards: Employee Engagement, Community Engagement, Supply Chain Engagement.

    Employee Engagement, sponsored by Eden Project

    • Winner: Rowlinson Knitwear | awarded for its extended engagement with its employees and suppliers’ employees.
    • Finalists: Bourne Leisure, Incubeta UK

    Community Engagement, sponsored by Womble Bond Dickinson

    • Winner: SP Energy Networks | awarded for its ambition and scale, and massive transformation and impact.
    • Finalists: Rentokil Initial, Uhub Ltd

    Supply Chain Engagement, sponsored by Cool Earth

    • Winner: GLP | awarded for creating longevity to its impact and enabling it to achieve significant results for many years in the future.
    • Finalists: Impress Print Services, The Marketing Store

    Communicate Category: Under this category, there were three awards: Sustainability Transparency, Sustainability Campaign, Sustainability Influencer.

    Sustainability Transparency, sponsored by JustOne

    • Winner: Commercial | awarded for the range of different ways it has engaged with its stakeholders and for producing a very impressive report.
    • Finalists: bartlett Mitchell, Digital Detox

    Sustainability Campaign, sponsored by Design by Structure

    • Winner: Stephen George + Partners | awarded for its impressive campaign that is creating a wave of generational change.
    • Finalists: TBT Marketing Ltd, The Royal Warrant Holders Association

    Sustainability Influencer, sponsored by Delta-Simons

    • Winner: Louis Beaumont from Hive Cleaning | awarded for his high impact in delivering results and for weaving sustainability into his business model.
    • Finalists: Philippa Birch-Wood, Chetwoods, Russell Blunt, City & Essex

    Overall Awards:  These awards recognise companies’ overall achievements and celebrate outstanding individuals and businesses in The Planet Mark community. Under this category, there were three awards: Personal Achievement, Best Newcomer, Best Company.

    Personal Achievement, sponsored by SK Consulting & Investment

    • Winner: Mark Bird, Childbase Partnership | awarded for his impressive influence on a business that is leading in its sector.
    • Finalists: Rebecca Wilson, Ingram Valley GB, Graeme Munro, GLP

    Best Newcomer, sponsored by Institute of Directors

    • Winner: Bourne Leisure awarded for its exceptional engagement with its employees and communications to its wider community.
    • Finalists: Ingram Valley, Stephen George +Partners 

    Best Company, sponsored by Prologis UK

    • Winner: Rowlinson Knitwear | awarded for the scale of what it does as a B Corporation and its work with its supply chain.
    • Finalists: Womble Bond Dickinson, DP World London Gateway

    Kindness is Contagious: This award celebrates the kindness organisations within The Planet Mark network have shown during the Covid-19 lockdown period.  It is judged by The Planet Mark community. 

    • Winner: Bidfood | people’s choice award.
    • Finalists: BourneLeisure, Fooditude, Restore Harrow Green

    Watch The 2020 Planet Mark Awards Member Montage

    15th October saw the third annual Planet Mark Awards, shining a light on our member companies and individuals that have gone above and beyond to see great success. We celebrated the outstanding achievements in sustainability from across our community.

    Making Concrete Change: How the Built Environment Can Help the Climate Crisis

    Making Concrete Change: How the Built Environment Can Help the Climate Crisis

    In his latest documentary,A Life on Our Planet,’ Sir David Attenborough called out humanity for its stubborn adherence to out the status quo in the face of an escalating climate crisis. “The living world is a unique and spectacular marvel, yet the way we humans live on earth is sending it into a decline. We are replacing the wild, with the tame. This film is my witness statement, and my vision for the future, the story of how we came to make this our greatest mistake and how if we act now, we can yet put it right. 

    Perhaps no sector better exemplifies the need to change our relationship with the natural world than the built environment. By one estimationwe may have already gone beyond the point where concrete outweighs the carbon mass of every shrub, bush and tree on planet earth. Decarbonisation opportunities in the built environment are approximately equivalent to reduction opportunities in agriculture, industry, energy supply and forestry combined.  

    Despite this, today, less than 1% of buildings are net zero. 

    To accommodate a growing population and its associated demands, the global construction industry plans to add 2.48 trillion square feet (230 billion m2) of new floor area to the global building stock, effectively doubling global building stock by as early as 2060. This is the equivalent of adding an area the size of Paris to the planet’s building stock, every week.  

    New building stock must be designed to meet NetZero-Carbon standards

    As The International Energy Agency announced last year: By combining energy efficiency with readily available clean energy solutions, we can reduce 87% of greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, by 2050. With building and construction accounting for just under 40% of global carbon emissions the sector is primed for transformation, and in that lies an extraordinary opportunity to build a better way of living for us and our future generations.  

    Globally, embodied carbon is responsible for 11% off annual greenhouse gas emissions and 28% of building sector emissions. As understanding in operational efficiencies increases, the influence of embodied carbon emissions over the next 40 years will become increasingly significant. We cannot meet the needs of our growing population, and the needs of our planet without also mitigating embodied carbon emissions. 

    Advancing Net Zero with The Planet Mark 

    As UK Construction Week comes to an end, this feels like a baton-passing moment. Attenborough’s cinematic memoir lays out the state of play, but it is up to us to fix the problems before it is too late.  

    The next 10 years will play a pivotal role in determining whether we can prevent irreversible damage from climate change.  

    Our New Development Certification follows The Planet Mark 3-step process: 

    At The Planet Mark, we believe that truly great buildings go beyond compliance; they make society better, add value to the local community and contribute to economic prosperity.  

    Our New Development Certification is a unique programme, which requires the measurement and reduction of a building’s whole-life carbon emissions, engagement of the supply chain and the inclusion of the local community. The programme then helps communicate your commitments to society and the environment. 

    By choosing The Planet Mark you can ensure your developments are not just fit for purpose throughout a rapidly changing time for climate and society, but leave behind a sustainable legacy of their own. 

    If you would like to find out more about our approach to sustainable development or our New Development Certification, please get in touch 

    Watch the Make Your Mark ‘Sustainability in Construction: How To Build Back Better’ webinar

    We are at a critical time in climate change when organisations must embed environmental awareness in all activities, both in reducing carbon emissions associated with business operations and adopting efficient initiatives on construction sites. By measuring against robust criteria companies are able to fully understand and improve their true impact.

    #GlobalClimateStrike | Strike the right balance with The Planet Mark

    #GlobalClimateStrike | Strike the right balance with The Planet Mark

    This Friday, thousands of climate strikes will take place across the globe to demand urgent action to tackle the climate crisis. The answer to the question of what does striking achieve…? Is simple: We strike because we are fighting for our future and for future generations. We strike because there is still time to solve the climate crisis, but time is of the essence. We strike because of how swiftly and decisively we act determines our shared future.  

    At The Planet Mark we know that change doesn’t just take place online; individuals, organisations and people of all ages must be equipped with the knowledge and empowered with the tools to drive change within their own spheres of influence.  And this is where we can help. 

    In support of the #GlobalClimateStrike, we will be providing complimentary carbon clinics designed to help organisations of all shapes and sizes cut through the complexity and take climate action with confidence. The free sessions will outline the first steps to measuring and reducing your carbon footprint and the practical methods to implement this into your business. These 30-40 minute Clinics, suitable for organisations of more than 20 people are designed to give tailored advice to help businesses on their sustainability journey’s. 

    The most exciting thing is that reducing carbon emissions is easy. We can help you measure your business operational carbon footprint using data you already have It is the first of our tried and tested 3-steps to sustainability and The Planet Mark certification 

    Step 1 Measure: Understanding the impact of your business on the world is essential for progress, We measure your data with rigour so we may speak with confidence and authenticity.  

    Step 2: Engage: We help you engage your staff to unlock their knowledge and drive passion for change. Empower your employees with knowledge and passion to make year-on-year progress.  

    Step 3 Communicate: We give you tools to communicate your progress, influence others and build a positive brand. With thousands of people engaged through The Planet Mark, it has become a recognisable symbol of a company’s social and environmental progress.  

    On average, holders of The Planet Mark make a 16% carbon saving each year per employee through energy use, waste, water, travel and procurement. Certified organisations deliver results far beyond regulation and compliance. Making deep and significant contributions to society, the environment and engaging their people in the process. This #GlobalClimateStrike we hope you will strike the right balance and join us in the #DecadeOfAction 

    Moving Brands takes action on carbon with The Planet Mark 

    Moving Brands takes action on carbon with The Planet Mark 

    Moving Brands, an independent, global creative and innovation partner led by creative and strategic business people, has achieved certification to The Planet Mark. 

    This is Moving Brands’ first year of business carbon footprint reporting and certification to The Planet Mark. Moving Brands’ total carbon footprint in year ending September 2019 was 144.7 tCO2e and the relative carbon footprint was 2.4 tCO2e per employee. Moving Brands’ market-based total carbon footprint in year ending September 2019 was 128.8 tCO2e.

    It has calculated the carbon footprint of its London, San Francisco and New York operational sites for the year ending September 2019 and set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. Location based electricity accounts for 14% of the total carbon emissions and natural gas accounts for 10%. Scope 3 emissions (water, waste, paper and business travel) account for 76% of total emissions. 

    Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of The Planet Mark, commented:We need more companies like Moving Brands. The dedication to the cause of combating climate change is clear to see, from the ambitious goals on carbon to the ability to help its stakeholders become more sustainable. As well as acting on climate in its own back yard, the company is spreading sustainable ideas as far as it can. I have no doubt that the brand will work with The Planet Mark to carve a path toward sustainability.” 

    Phil Richardson, Financial Controller, said:  “We’ve always been conscious about what companies we have as clients and suppliers. We want leaders and organisations who share our belief in the power of creativity and innovation, and who are working to have a positive impact in the world. We call this our Perfect Portfolio. 

    The environment is one criterion of six that we qualify our clients and suppliers by. It is also a key part in all areas of running our business. The Moving Brands approach to sustainability and the environment is called Fuel. One of our goals at Moving Brands is to become carbon neutral by implementing Fuel. We use it to review everything that we buy — from fruits to finance to flights. 

    Fuel has completely realigned our posture. All the items we buy and the products and services we endorse come from brands that share our values — and we’ve done this without increasing our budgets. 

    We engaged with The Planet Mark to help us drive forward our goal and see what additional changes we can make on top of the many that we have implemented over the past two years. The Planet Mark also gives us a starting point to measure our progression against and to set goals. The Planet Mark are going to be invaluable in helping us achieve our carbon neutral goal.

    First year certification to The Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders. 

    Moving Brands makes its clients both successful and truly sustainable. Its work results in products and experiences that people love, enduring purpose-led brands and innovative new businesses. The innovation industry must realise its important place in the fight against climate change. The decade of climate action is the perfect moment to start or progress on a sustainable journey, and innovation consultancies can both respond to the demand for sustainable innovation, and use their powerful networks to advance practices and solutions that help alleviate the impacts of climate change. 

    BBC Extinction: The Facts – and what we can do to action change. 

    BBC Extinction: The Facts – and what we can do to action change. 

    “We are at a turning point, what happens next is up to everyone of us.” In the BBC Extinction: The Facts programme, aired Sunday 13th September, the world renowned and widely respected naturalist, Sir David Attenborough delivered the hard truths about the state of the natural world. After all, aged 94 he is likely the most extensively travelled observer of the natural world than anyone else alive. 

    The biodiversity crisis the world is now in has consequences for each and everyone of us across the planet. It is often referenced that the environmental crisis will only fuel further pandemics, similar to Covid-19. However, we are at the ideal moment in time to inform ourselves, make changes and rebuild our lives, our natural environments and our economies in a way that will benefit the entire planet and all who share it. 

    The UN Nature Report from May 2019 warns “nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history – and the rate of species extinctions is accelerating, with grave impacts on people around the world now likely.” Over 1m species are threatened with extinction. These species are not just ‘nice to have’ each one (plant, animal, insect) all play a vital role in our global ecosystems, on which we all depend.  

    In the report, the UN warn that the current global response is insufficient; ‘Transformative changes’ are needed to restore and protect nature. It also states that opposition from vested interests can be overcome for public good. 

    These are facts that many of us with an interest in sustainability and making the world a better place, are already familiar with, but the BBC Extinction: The Facts programme for the first time lays bare to the wider public some uncomfortable facts that likely educate many. The choices we each make as individuals, as consumers across the global, have far reaching impacts,

    It is up to us to decide whether these are positive or negative. 

    I for one was aware of the damage soya bean and palm oil plantations have on the environment but was probably not as well informed about coffee and chocolate. I’m old enough to remember making new choices back in the late 1980and 1990’s, as a result of the banning of CFCs and the Kyoto Protocol, I changed my aerosol deodorant and knew to buy Fairtrade coffee, so I am saddened to think damaging and unfair practices still exist in 2020. 

    Positive change can come about but we are running out of time, we need to act now. No longer do we have the luxury to think how nice it would be to make some changes in the future, we need to take radical decisions, inform ourselves and spread the word, so together we can take action.  

    If you have not already done so, take an hour out of your day, watch this programme with your colleagues, friends or with family. You will likely come away feeling less overwhelmed about where to start and wonder what as an individual each of us can really do to act. Everyone of us has the power to change some of our habits, encourage others to change and to put pressure on industry and governments to come together and be a collective force for good. Through global collaboration progress does and can continue to be made, it starts with each and everyone of us. 

    Join us and our members at our Awards in October to hear about the amazing actions the individuals and businesses in our Planet Mark community are taking to make a world of difference. Book your free spot here and join us in this Decade of Action.