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It’s time to accelerate your actions, excite your employees, and amplify your voice.

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We measure your carbon AND social data with rigour so you can report your progress with confidence AND authenticity

Understanding the impact your business has on the planet is essential for identifying your progress in making reductions. We have created a simple way for you to get a clear picture of all your environmental impacts using one metric – carbon dioxide. We can also measure your contributions to society by putting a financial value on the impact of your social activities. 

“The Planet Mark has become a key component in how we measure and reduce our carbon footprint as a business. They provide a high level of expert service that makes the certification process straightforward.“ 

Emma Cowper, Sustainability Manager, DP World 

Employees are the key to achieving your sustainability goals. Our engagement experts will help motivate your employees to change behaviour, innovate and take ownership of solutions. To help you put a sustainability strategy in place, we provide toolkits on many subjects, workshops that help you focus on the most important issues, and advice on how to plan long-term ambitions. 

“The Planet Mark has created an elevated awareness of sustainability at Janitorial Express which has actually generated a ‘buzz’ with staff ‘buying in’ to the concept whilst looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.” 

Peter Clenshaw, Managing Director, Janitorial Express 




We give you the tools to communicate your progress which builds a trusted and positive brand

The Planet Mark is an easily recognisable symbol of sustainability progress and will bring credibility to your activities. Through your reach and influence you have the ability to encourage others to take action. By putting your certificate in the public domain, you can be transparent about your sustainability progress while building trust and loyalty with your customers and supply chain. 

“We were delighted to find a means of demonstrating some of the wonderful initiatives we have adopted to allow us to grow our business whilst acting in a sustainable way. Our clients are very impressed by the rigorous processes The Planet Mark have helped us develop.“ 

Steve Trew, Managing Director, GreenZone

The Planet Mark is a recognised symbol of sustainability progress. No matter your organisation’s size, location, sector, or stage of your sustainability journey; you can achieve The Planet Mark through our three-step process to sustainability certification.