COP21 and 12COP21 social media campaign

Aug 18, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Planet First is calling on businesses, civil society and individuals to get behind a major social media campaign to raise awareness about crucial Paris climate talks that start next week and to prompt civil and business action on climate change through informative but fun messaging.

12 Days of COPmas

The ’12 Days of COPmas‘ campaign has been created by NGO Eco Action Games and playfully takes its lead from the traditional ‘12 days of Christmas’ theme. Instead, though, it explores the key issues that are going to be discussed at the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) which kicks off on November 30 for 12 days. Planet First is one of a number of organisations that are partnering on the campaign. Others include Eden Project, partner to The Planet Mark, and Cool Earth, a Planet Mark-certified organisation.

Over190 member states’ heads of Government will gather in Paris in seven days and attempt to reach consensus on a global climate deal to keep temperature rises at a safe level. Many observers and experts agree that the COP21 talks are our last chance to agree a deal that will prevent catastrophic climate change. But despite this urgency, collective and individual action is not happening at the scale and speed required.

“Although, arguably, the most important global conference to happen in a generation, wider society generally doesn’t have a good understanding of what COP21 is about, apart from ‘it’s something to do with stopping climate change’,” commented Paula Owen, founder of Eco Action Games. “Our 12 Days of COPmas communication campaign aims to inform in clear, simple, accessible, fun ways what the issues are, how individuals and civil society can contribute to the solutions and how the outcomes of COP21 will profoundly influence our planet’s future.”

Planet First is supporting ’12 Days of COPmas’ to help deliver the important messages of the campaign to the business community in particular. As well as being lead partner on Day 1 of the campaign – the details of which are being kept under wraps for now – Planet First will be supporting the campaign socially leading up to and throughout the 12 days.

“As soon as we were told about 12 Days of COPmas, we knew we wanted to get involved. This is a fantastic campaign that has the potential to bring to life and make relevant what is arguably the most critical talks taking place to safeguard our future, but which feel far removed from most citizens and businesses. We urge everyone to get involved to make sure it goes viral so as to empower all that they can make a difference.”

’12 Days of COPmas” is being soft launched today, but will begin in earnest on November 30 with daily communication of messages and illustrations inspired by the festive season. Each message will carry a call to action to encourage citizens, civil society and businesses to get involved at every level.

Other supporters of the 12 Days of COPmas include Carillion, Onya, green gumption, Project Direct and Earthwatch Institute.

This week, Planet First is also taking part in the Festival of Hope, an “upbeat event” being hosted on the eve of COP21 at Eden Project. The festival will include speakers, stalls, workshops and music and businesses including car manufacturer Tesla, ethical clothing company Finisterre, sustainable manufacturer Interface and coffee recycler bio-bean will also be exhibiting.

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