COP21 and Buildings Day

Dec 2, 2015 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Planet First has joined more than 60 UK companies showing their ‘collective commitment’ to put the buildings and construction sector on a “below 2°C path” at the climate change talks (COP21) in Paris this week.

Retrofitting energy efficiency commitment at COP21 and Buildings Day

The companies, which include major corporations such as Land Securities, JLL and Hanson, as well as smaller firms such as Planet First and Planet Mark-certified Sustainable Commercial Solutions, have each entered individual pledges and committed to mobilise “a global market transformation” in the building sector the aim of which is to reach two key goals by 2050 (and advance them by 2030).

The goals are:

• Net Zero carbon new building

• Energy efficiency and deep refurbishment of existing stock.

Buildings Day

The commitment and pledges will be issued tomorrow (December 3) at Buildings Day at COP21, by the World Green Building Council with the support of the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC) and other national GBCs.

Buildings account for about a third of CO2 emissions globally. The UK-GBC warns that without action, they will continue to rise helping to push global temperature above 2 degrees Celsius – the level above which scientists say dangerous climate change will be unleashed.

“The sector must reduce its emissions by a total of 84 GtCO2 by 2050,” said the UK-GBC in a statement. “ Green Buildings are the solution. Cost-effective, they generate economic, health, and social benefits for all.”

Planet First has pledged to “help Planet Mark-certified organisations reduce their carbon footprint per employee by at least 10% per year.”

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