Earth Hour and climate action

Aug 18, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Earth Hour 2016 is just two weeks away and this year it’s celebrating 10 years of global climate awareness through the simple action of turning off lights.


To mark the special occasion, WWF, the charity behind Earth Hour, is urging supporters to “shine a light on climate action” and make Earth Hour 2016 bigger than ever – using the power of social media.

On Saturday 19 March at 8:30pm local time, the world’s most iconic landmarks will switch off their lights for an hour to mark Earth Hour. Meanwhile, supporters around the world will be invited to ‘shine a light’ and take a stand for climate action by sharing Earth Hour information on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“Social media transcends physical boundaries and so does climate change,” says Siddarth Das, executive director, Earth Hour Global.

In 2015, 7000 cities in 172 countries took part in Earth Hour. So don’t miss out in 2016, join millions around the world and mark 10 years of climate action.

There are many ways to join in both the run up to Earth Hour and on the night.

Here’s what you can do:

• Sign up to Earth Hour today and get all the materials you need to get started. As well as sharing Earth Hour information on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, users will be able to add a custom-made Earth Hour filters to their profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter. WWF has also made a powerful film The Future Starts Today: Earth Hour 2016 that you can view and share with friends, colleagues and contacts.

•. Access The Planet Mark’s comprehensive toolkits via the Planet First Members Login page to get ideas on what actions you can take in your place of work. For example you could select ’Earth Heroes’ for the event, sponsor a project in your local community, get rid of the old lights and install new LEDs.

•  Why not go further and mobilise marketing, operations, sales and your key stakeholders for a fun campaign in the run up to Earth Hour 2016? The team at Planet First is going beyond The Paris Climate Change deal by encouraging all Planet Mark-certified companies to cut their carbon emissions by 10 per cent to support our pledge on the UKGBC Pledge Wall. So why not make your campaign go “beyond Earth Hour” through a commitment to continual change throughout the year to reduce your impact on the environment? You could then celebrate your commitment to the planet during Earth Hour.

• Don’t forget to tell us about what you are doing; share your photos with us, tell us about your initiatives so we can create an “Earth Hour Wall” and share that back with you and our wider networks.

“A simple action on social media is the kind of powerful statement that can spur our friends and communities to be a part of the climate action we need to take on this global challenge,” says Siddarth Das.

This is the information age. We have the ability to utilise our individual power through social media to change things. So lets all play our part in Earth Hour and change climate change.

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