Ecoprod Technique achieve The Planet Mark

Aug 11, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Ecoprod technique

Ecoprod Technique supplies products, services and support systems that are environmentally responsible (Eco – green) and engineered (Technique) to meet the needs of its customers. “The clean solution”.

Ecoprod also has a detailed understanding of the operation of commercial washrooms and the potential problems that owners can face in the installation and maintenance of washroom equipment. – See more here

Ecoprod Technique has achieved The Planet Mark certification with a carbon footprint of 20 tCO2e and 3.4tCO2e per employee by measuring their energy, waste, water and paper use.

“In joining The Planet Mark network Ecoprod is partnering with like minded enterprises that combined are really making a difference. This certificate will prove to all that Ecoprod are prepared to be accountable and can be trusted as a component of any supply chain. The Planet Mark certification will become another valuable entity of what Ecoprod provides for its customer base and all other stakeholders. Sustainability is at the very heart of what Ecoprod means and is recognized by the team as a fundamental part of the solution they provide.” Marcus Rose, Ecoprod

Water is our most precious resource. Ecoprod are leaders in waterless urinals and we are delighted that they have chosen The Planet Mark to reduce their carbon, energy, water and waste.Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First

Ecoprod Vision 2015

Ecoprod Technique’s vision for 2015 is that it will be a leading supplier of products and services to meet the environmental, quality, microbial control and cost needs of its target partner customers.

In 2015 Ecoprod are introducing VISUTAL (click here to download brochure) – their state-of-the-art technology; moving pictures and information can now be displayed over the Urimat media platform. With a 6.5” LCD monitor with integrated storage (2GB) data such as videos, advertising commercials and other information can be displayed through wifi and managed in the cloud. This is exclusive to Ecoprod and offers a fast ROI and can even generate income.

Find out more about Ecoprod and view their Planet Mark certificate here

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