Engaging creative and media organisations in better sustainable business practice with Bristol Media

Oct 1, 2014 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Planet First and Bristol Media are working together in order to help engage creative and media organisations in better sustainable business practice, and encourage them to take the lead in creating better sustainable communications work with their clients.

Planet First, who deliver The Planet Mark sustainability certification in partnership with Eden Project, has drawn up a survey for creative and media businesses in Bristol to find out current and desired levels of engagement in sustainability. (To view the survey click here)

In very basic terms, better business practice and corporate communications strategies are needed to combat climate change and challenge ways in which we consume resources and dispose of stuff. Increasingly, creative and media companies require sustainable accreditation to tender for work.

The media industry has a huge role to play here – good practice and thought leadership must start with creative agencies, media platforms and organisations more often. It is not hard to see that creative agencies are best placed to communicate sustainability to the masses, using the media of our time.

Following the survey, Planet First will talk to each company about creating a sustainability strategy and programme for company employees to follow, and suggest ideas for client and employee engagement workshops as a route in to developing a tailored sustainability plan for each business.

Planet First will analyse the results of the short survey and share trends in data and collective findings with Bristol Media and other leading creative and media organisations in Bristol, SW and London with a view to better partnership working on sustainability in the creative media sector. The Planet Mark team will be talking to Bristol Media members about sustainability for creative and media organisations at a workshop at the Vision 2014 conference on Weds 12 November at the Arnolfini, Bristol, following a session by leading sustainability communications expert, Jonathan Wise of The Comms Lab.

Link to Jonathan Wise at Vision info: