Gazeley lays the foundations for carbon reduction with The Planet Mark Certification

Oct 25, 2019 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Gazeley, a leading investor, developer and manager of European logistics real estate, has achieved certification to The Planet Mark sustainability programme. 

This is the first year the company has committed to the certification, and the first year it has calculated the carbon footprint of its UK and European offices. Operating throughout the strongest logistics markets in Europe, with offices in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom, Gazeley has set a target to reduce carbon emissions by 5% annually. This year’s footprint includes emissions from natural gas, purchased electricity, fuel used by the fleet, business travel and printing paper for its offices.

Steve Malkin, founder of The Planet Mark commented; “As we witness the effects of climate change impacting people around the world, it’s imperative we work together to make a difference. The team at Gazeley is doing just that, committing to reduce the carbon footprint of their business operations in the UK and across Europe, and using their expertise to develop buildings help cut the carbon emissions of their customers and global supply chains.”

Graeme Munro, Head of Construction Europe said; “We at Gazeley pride ourselves in being pioneers in sustainability and we see that limiting energy consumption, in both embodied and operational carbon, as much as possible, is the way that we can successfully demonstrate this clearly. We also understand the importance of maintaining, enhancing, biodiversity and creating social value on the sites we develop and the surrounding areas. We would like to think of a Gazeley Building being a force for good in its surroundings. It is imperative that we embrace sustainability and work towards reducing carbon emissions to limit climate change. It is simply the right thing to do on all fronts.”

Gazeley’s first year certification to The Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders. The company is committed to sustainable development and sharing its research and solutions with its customers and competitors. If Gazeley achieves its target of 5% carbon reduction over the year, this will save carbon emissions the equivalent of 27 flights from London to New York.

Gazeley has also measured its Social Value contribution for the year ending December 2018. Social Value is the net social and environmental benefits generated by an organisation and its supply chain to society through its corporate and community activities. Gazeley’s Social Value contribution for the year was £367,668. It reported on 7 Social Value measures with the top three contributors being employing local staff, charity donations and investing in initiatives to improve employee wellbeing.

Gazeley is a leading developer, investor, owner and manager of prime logistics real estate in Western Europe, with industry leading capabilities across the whole value chain including Investment, Development, Asset management and Leasing.