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To help you make progress and demonstrate sustainability value, we have created a simple approach to align with your certification.

Plan For Progress 

Through our resources and member toolkitsyou are able to do it yourself but we are also here to help! Our expert sustainability consultants can provide advice, workshops, and bespoke planning.

Our team consists of experts in environmental and social measurement, business transformation, engagement, sustainability strategy, communication, design, copywriting and brand development. We have crafted the best solutions for you to choose from. 


Decades of research shows that the best companies in the world are purpose-led brands which outperform competitors in the long-run. 

Purpose Workshop: Understand your company’s purpose and place in the world

Do you know your purpose? This workshop will help your team understand how your business serves a greater purpose beyond selling your products and services or being the best in your industry.  You’ll be able to clearly communicate this purpose to customers and suppliers, embed sustainability throughout the company, and navigate through any crisis. You’ll receive a bespoke report with recommendations on a purpose statement and implement purpose in your company.

A clear purpose statement will help your business:

1. Generate sustained profitable growth while making progress for society and the environment

2. Stay relevant in a rapidly changing world

3. Deepen ties with your stakeholders

4. Help with unifying your organisation, motivating stakeholders and broadening your impact

Measurement And Management 

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We measure your data with rigour so you can report your progress with confidence and authenticity.

Social Value Measurement: Measure, plan and communicate your contributions to society

What is more valuable to society: your team volunteering to do a beach clean-up or a director providing pro bono advice to a charity? To quantify this, we can put a financial number on social activities which will give you a way to strategically improve their value over time. This type of reporting demonstrates a holistic and truer measure of your positive contributions to society and improves trust with employees, investors, and customers.

We calculate your organisation’s social value in 5 simple-to-understand areas: 

1. Your people 

2. Community & Volunteering 

3. Donations 

4. Procurement 

5. Environmental Impacts 

Market-based Dual Reporting: Understand the impact of your green energy investment

If you are investing in green electricity from 100% renewable sources, you can dually report your carbon footprint with emissions from electricity counting as zero. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol corporate standard requires disclosing one Scope 2 emissions figure according to a location-based method and another according to a market-based method. Our certification team check your REGO certificates or other proof of green electricity and provide additional analysis in your certification report.   

Quarterly Reporting and Bespoke Dashboard: Get frequent updates on your environmental progress

The more often you see your progress, the better you can manage your impacts. We create bespoke reports and dashboards on our sustainability platform to give you quarterly or bi-annual views of progress. These reports will help you to keep on top of your data quality, track progress towards carbon reduction targets, and ensure you have the appropriate tactics in place to meet each target. We can also match these to reports that you send to your board or management team to ensure readability and continuity.  

SECR Compliance

We can help you comply by the new mandatory SECR, Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting framework. Watch our guide to SECR to find out more. 

Scope 3 Footprinting: Understand how your business creates indirect carbon emissions

When you purchase goods or services for your business or your customers travel to your locationyou are indirectly responsible for the associated carbon emissions; but do you know how much they are? In many cases, these are the largest share of your carbon footprint. 

Some of these are already included in your certification to The Planet Mark, such as business travel, waste, and paper procurement. To do a complete analysis of your Scope 3 emissions, we would consider which of all of the 15 categories are relevant to your business, consult on the best method of gathering data, then analyse the results to create your Scope 3 carbon footprint. 

ZeroBy30: Our ambitious transformational programme to achieve net zero carbon by 2030

The ZeroBy30 programme goes beyond The Planet Mark certification targets. It sets absolute reduction goals to reach net zero carbon by 2030 through a transformational action plan. You will be able to reduce your scope 1 and 2 direct emissions to zero carbon, and scope 3 indirect emissions to as close to zero as possible and then offset the remaining carbon to exceptional schemes. 

Engagement And Strategy 

We help you engage your staff and stakeholders to unlock their knowledge and drive passion for change. Motivated stakeholders will help your sustainability programme flourish. 


Engage your team on your key sustainability issues and understand your carbon footprint. This 1-hour workshop will give your team ownership and identifies quick wins for the year to help you meet your reduction targets.

Annual Sustainability Energiser: Get started on your sustainability journey

A 1-hour session to raise awareness about sustainability – the big picture and the business case. A chance to look at your Planet Mark Certification and carbon footprint for that year, and brainstorm ideas to cut carbon or increase social value in your 3 focus areas.

Annual Sustainability Plan: Ensure you achieve The Planet Mark every year

A 2 – 3-hour session to look at the business case for sustainability, understand your carbon footprint in-depth, establish your top focus areas for that year, agree on measurable targets and actions around those three focus areas. Ideas from the Annual Sustainability Energiser (and therefore the whole organisation) can feed into this.

Complete Corporate Sustainability Strategy: A robust plan to achieve Total Value

Creating a bespoke sustainability strategy will allow you to achieve consistent progress and set you on the path to achieving your sustainability vision. Your staff and stakeholders will feel excited and motivated, you’ll have a consistent story to tell, and your team will have the freedom to action within a business framework. 

First, we conduct a desktop analysis of the issues your peers are addressing. Then through a workshop, we will unearth the social, environmental, and economic issues that matter most to your business and customers. These issues could cover areas like single-use plastics, health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, charity and community engagement, sustainable innovation, business transparency and many more. The workshop integrates a sustainability visioning exercise. A clear vision will give direction to

serve your purpose.
Sustainability Essentials Employee Training

A 2-3-hour session to cover the basics of business sustainability – the business case and beyond. Where do the biggest impacts of a business come from? Where are the biggest opportunities? How can you engage employees and colleagues in sustainability? At the end of the session, you will leave with a CPD Certificate per attendee and an understanding of the fundamentals of sustainability in business.

Stakeholder Engagement Workshops: Understand and engage all your stakeholder groups

A 30-minute presentation, plus Q&A and networking to tell your sustainability story to your supply chain. The Planet Mark will act as the ‘expert voice’, giving weight to the presentation and expert insight on your certification and commitment to cutting carbon. This is a chance to inspire and impress your supply chain, showcase that you are leading in this area, and bring them on board to help cut your Scope 3 emissions

Communication Planning 

Bring your messages to life. We give you tools to communicate your progress which builds a trusted and positive brand. 

Video, Design, Copywriting and Social Media Support: Bring your story to life

Engaging initiatives and well thought out plans are vitally important, but the medium is as important as the message. Good communications are the window to all the good work your business is doing. We aim to bring creativity and clarity to your messages, underpinned by a genuine understanding of your strategic intent and your stakeholders’ motivations. 

Our sustainability communication experts create engaging messages and innovative visuals that let your stakeholders understand and take action on your strategy. We can produce a variety of outputs including filmed videos, animations, campaigns, social media, advertising, reportsbrochures, press releasesposters and more.

Sustainability Communications Workshop: Build a positive brand with a 1-year plan | Sustainability Communications Workshop

This workshop will help you get under the skin of your brand, build trust and loyalty with customers, and increase transparency over timeWe will examine your goals, brand, current communication plan, and best practice in your industry. We will then help you and your team map the communications needed to achieve your goalsthink of innovative communication tacticsand define metrics to help you analyse their effectiveness. 

Sustainability Communications Planning: Embed sustainability in your external communications

What is your sustainability narrative? Too often you are achieving great things, but nobody knows about it. Sometimes traditional communication specialists try to help but fail to understand the strategic intent behind sustainability communications; or they may bolt on messages instead of embedding them in. We get under the skin of your brand to develop targeted communication plans and to ensure that your sustainability strategy delivers the desired outcomes. 

Sustainability Brand Creation: Embed sustainability throughout your business

TTo bring your sustainability strategy to life, it needs to be highly visual and clearly communicated. The development of a sustainability subbrand has proven results. It crystallises thinking around your key issues, compliments your overarching brand, and demonstrates how you are taking sustainable action throughout your business. 

Sustainability Reports and Thought Leadership: Showcase your achievements and lead your industry

Communicating your sustainability progress with transparency is key to building brand reputation, stakeholder investment, and encouraging employee ownership. By developing your report, wwill ensure the messaging and design showcase your sustainability achievements in a clear, engaging, and inspiring way. 

Our expertise extends beyond the traditional report document to the creation of infographics, videos, and, campaigns that bring your yearly progress to lifeMoreover, through expert research, we can develop thought leadership pieces that propels your business to the forefront of innovation.