Higgins Construction make a 28% carbon footprint reduction

Aug 11, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Higgins Construction carbon footprint graph

The Higgins Group, which includes the recognised delivery companies; Higgins Construction and Higgins Homes, has once again achieved The Planet Mark with a carbon footprint reduction of 28%.

As part of Higgins Group PLC, Higgins Construction and Higgins Homes work together to provide a huge variety of services across the construction, investments and homes sectors.

This is the fourth year that Higgins has achieved The Planet Mark Certification and has again made a significant carbon reduction, beyond that of their 5% target. By continually improving their sustainable approach to operations, Higgins Construction and Higgins Homes are excellent examples to the construction industry.” Steve Malkin, CEO, Planet First.

The greatest reduction within their carbon footprint comes from their change in approach to travel, through encouraging staff to choose hybrid cars and changing the way that their staff travel to site. Now, staff are assigned sites depending on the proximity of where they are based, which reduces their fuel usage. They are also encouraged to use public transport instead of cars. Consequently, the petrol car fleet reduced its carbon by 66% and the diesel fleet by 36%.

Higgins Construction carbon footprint graph

Higgins Group Plc are planning to introduce more LED lights into their head office to reduce the energy usage.

Higgins commented:

By ensuring that we are looking at everything we do, to reduce our carbon emissions, ensures not only that we are reducing our costs but demonstrates to our Staff and Customers that we take our sustainability responsibilities seriously ’ Paul Cooke FCIOB CEnv , Director , Higgins Construction Plc

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