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Latest Assets And Guides

The Planet Mark For Business Certification Leaflet

Are you considering improving your sustainability performance or looking to start a sustainability programme for your business? We can empower you in a way that will really make a difference – to your business, your people and the world around you.

New Developments Brochure

The New Developments sustainability certification delivers construction projects in-line with the targets of reaching net-zero emissions buildings by 2050.

The Eden Project and The Planet Mark Virtual Sustainability Workshops for Primary Schools

As part of The Planet Mark for New Developments Certification The Eden Project and The Planet are working in partnership to engage local primary schools and help children connect with and understand the importance of nature.

Social Value Brochure

Reveal your full sustainability story by adding social value to The Planet Mark certification.

The Planet Mark Guide To SECR

There is an easy way to get a lot more out of your SECR compliance. Achieving The Planet Mark certification can make you compliant and give you a lot more business benefits. What are the top 5 things you need to know? Read about it here.

The Planet Mark Impact Report

The Planet Mark was created to enable organisations and their people to make positive contributions to society and the environment. Our 2020 Impact Report highlights the combined achievements of those organisations and their people who are committed to positive action.

Toolkit For Recycling And Waste Management

This guide is designed to help you make your waste and recycling process the best it can be. From technical guidance to advice for working closely alongside your waste management provider, we hope you find this an invaluable resource.

Toolkit For Water Consumption

This guide is designed to help you measure and reduce water related carbon emissions. From water management to advice on efficiency and behaviour change, we hope you find this an invaluable resource.

Digital Sustainability Events Calendar 2020

The Planet Mark 2020 Sustainability Events Calendar is a handy tool to check out what’s coming up, including digital events. View this the document online and we update it weekly with the best of sustainability’s virtual webinars, workshops, networking sessions and presentations, so you don’t have to. 

Personal Impact Infographic

Do you know your biggest carbon impact area? Choose your commitments from our infographic of top carbon saving actions for individuals to kickstart this Decade Of Action.

Make Your Mark Webinar Series

The series of webinars deepen knowledge and understanding about the major influences and challenges facing us environmentally, socially and economically. 

Case Studies

Read the success stories of the companies that have already achieved The Planet Mark certification.

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