LCE reduces carbon footprint by staggering 38% in third year of certification to The Planet Mark

Apr 9, 2019 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

The Planet Mark

Low Carbon Europe:

LCE reduces carbon footprint by staggering 38% in third year of certification to The Planet Mark

This, Low Carbon Europe’s (LCE) third year of carbon reporting with The Planet Mark saw the energy and environmental consultancy implement a number of infrastructural and behavioural changes including the switch to a naturally ventilated office, to drive carbon reductions.

Upon receiving certification to The Planet Mark, Darren Jones, Managing Director of LCE commented; “I am really proud that LCE have been able to achieve another year’s certification with The Planet Mark through a reduction in energy and business mileage. This certification clearly provides value and focus, helping LCE achieve the sustainability ambitions which are fundamental to our business.”

Attaining such a significant reduction in their third year of carbon reporting is testament to LCE’s commitment to sustainability, an achievement commended by Steve Malkin CEO and Founder of The Planet Mark; “The team at LCE live and breathe sustainability. LCE supports organisations across the UK in becoming more energy and resource efficient, which helps reduce their customers’ carbon emissions and help reverse climate change. But the team has chosen to go even further by reducing their own business carbon footprint and achieving The Planet Mark. This is outstanding work by a really committed team of people.”

This year LCE’s total carbon footprint was 11.6 TCO2e a decrease of 38.2% from 2017. Comparison to 2017 also sees a 15% decrease in total carbon emissions per employee, a 66.5% decrease in building emissions per m2 and a 32.5% decrease in travel emissions

Reduction in electricity is partially attributed to updated 2018 DEFRA emissions conversion factors that reflect the greening of the grid. On top of this however, LCE also moved to a naturally ventilated office throughout the reporting period, having previously occupied an office with centralised air conditioning. LCE have also benefited from a conscious team effort to consider necessity and mode of travel to client sites for meetings, which has driven the aforementioned 32% reduction in travel emissions.

The Planet Mark Certificate recognises LCE’s good practice in sustainability, including:

  • Measuring 11.6 tCO2e from electricity, natural gas, water, travel and waste, the equivalent of 1.44 tCO2e per person
  • Storing 260 tCO2 in one acre of protected rainforest
  • Making a commitment to engage employees and suppliers to drive sustainable improvement in the company
  • Investing in the Eden Project to support continuing education on climate change

To ensure continued attainment of their sustainability goals LCE and Planet Mark have agreed future focus will include:

  • Investigating the opportunity to install LED lighting within the office and encourage the Landlord to roll LED lighting out across the whole building.
  • Promoting the uptake of public transport for the purposes of client meetings.
  • Waste: Reviewing the opportunity to collate data on waste.
  • Paper: Reviewing the opportunity to collate data on paper.

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