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This year  Bowmer + Kirkland cut carbon for the 13th year of certification to The Planet Mark. Bowmer & Kirkland, who offer a wide range of specialisms from construction-related services to homeland security products, have achieved certification to The Planet Mark for the 13th consecutive year.

Bowmer & Kirkland has reported its business carbon footprint for its headquarters in Heage Derbyshire and its UK regional offices (Chester-le-Street, Rainton Bridge, Glasgow, Manchester and Theale). Bowmer & Kirkland’s total carbon footprint in the year ending August 2019 was 1,009.3 tCO2e, a decrease of 5.7% from the year ending 2018. The relative carbon footprint was 2.91 tCO2e per employee, a decrease of 8.4% compared to the year ending 2018.

This year’s footprint includes emissions from natural gas, purchased electricity, fuel used by the fleet, waste, business travel, and printing paper. Electricity emissions decreased by 5% and business travel emissions decreased by 5.1% overall. Emissions from air and rail travel decreased by 48% and 29% respectively.

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of The Planet Mark, commented: “Bowmer & Kirkland continue to inspire me and the industry at large in the action it takes on climate change. The continued desire to enact positive change in reducing the company’s carbon footprint is truly exceptional. Sustainability is embedded right throughout the organisation and it is clear to see the benefits of such an ingrained approach to cutting carbon. It is a pleasure to work with them.”

Certification to The Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders.

Bowmer & Kirkland has developed procedures to implement sustainable practices that help to ensure the wise use of all resources within a framework in which economic, social and environmental factors are integrated. The company strive for continuous improvements in environmental accountability and social responsibility, having implemented policies to establish meaningful carbon emissions targets, fund and work on community projects to achieve sustainability goals and promote green travel options for all employees and suppliers. This is paired with a staff engagement programme on environmental issues and a wider pledge to encourage innovative strategies on environmental issues.

Global climate targets serve as a wake-up call that the construction industry and its suppliers must heed. The need for change is urgent, and the built environment is one of the largest polluters on a worldwide scale. Many constructors and clients are looking throughout their supply chains for evidence of action on climate change, as a whole-life, a holistic approach must be taken to ensure the sustainability of every construction project.

Graham Lee, Technical, Education & Environmental Manager at Bowmer + Kirkland commented: “Measuring our energy usage, fleet performance, travel, paper and waste at our headquarters and regional offices each year since 2006 has enabled Bowmer + Kirkland to plan step by step improvements that provide meaningful benefits to reduce carbon and save costs. With an annual target of 5% reduction in our carbon footprint, we have managed to establish realistic initiatives to achieve year on year improvements. Planet First have been fundamental to this process by auditing our data, providing robust comparisons of results and valuable advice on these initiatives. Although these steps by themselves each year are small, each year these benefits to carbon reduction compound, resulting in substantial savings over these 13 years. Overall carbon savings for the company have been reduced by 1510 tCO2e and carbon savings per employee reduced by 65%. These savings have not only helped Bowmer + Kirkland to reduce its’ carbon footprint, but cost savings to have compounded over the thirteen-year period, resulting in significant annual cost savings.

Through a range of initiatives and targets across a scope of emission groups and introducing these through a step by step approach over the 13 years, each initiative has helped to contribute in a small way to the significant overall saving to carbon. By engaging with staff and communicating these initiatives and targets to our staff and clients we have also achieved support for our annual reduction target of 5% without impact on either staff or our clients. No single measure is responsible for these saving, but through a range of measures introduced each year the rate of improvement has been maintained. With carbon reduction, however, our aim is to maintain steady progress. Hopefully, over future years we will have continued success, supported throughout this process with the help of Planet First”.



The Planet Mark

This is to certify that Bowmer and Kirkland has achieved a reduction in its carbon footprint and is committed to continous improvement in sustainability.

Valid to 30 November 2020

Steve Malkin
The Planet Mark

Sir Tim Smit KBE
The Eden Project


1,009.3 tCO2e absolute carbon reduction

8.4% carbon reduction per employee

We are committed to reducing our carbon emmissions yearly so that together, we can all halt climate change

  • Total carbon footprint 5.7% tCO2e
  • Reporting boundary : Heage, Chester-le-Street, RaintonBridge, Glasgow, Manchester, Theale office operations
  • Emission sources : Emission sources: electricity, natural gas, waste, travel, paper
  • Reporting period : 1 Sep - 31 August 2018


347 FTE employees

We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.


We recognise that transparent communication is essential for transformational change and we quantifiably report on