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Penningtons Manches Cooper, a leading UK and international law firm providing high quality legal advice tailored to both businesses and individuals, has been certified to The Planet Mark. 

This is Penningtons’ second year of business carbon footprint reporting and certification to The Planet Mark. They first calculated the carbon footprint of 7 UK offices for the year ending February 2019 and set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. 

Penningtons total carbon footprint for the year ending February 2020 was 624.0 tCO2e, a decrease of 3.2% from the year ending 2019. The relative carbon footprint was 0.8 tCO2e per employee, a decrease of 7.8% compared to the year ending 2019. 

Penningtons has cut carbon equal to saving 31,600 road miles driven in an average car. 

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of The Planet Mark:I’m so pleased to see the progress Penningtons Manches Cooper has made this year. Sustainability can only be achieved through continuous improvement, and the firm is on the right track to continue on its sustainability journey. The firm has ambitious targets that would allow it to become a true leader on climate action, but more importantly there are a number of measures put in place that will allow it to achieve this goal. The roadmap is far from simple, but the firm is doing great work to bring itself closer to net zero.” 

Sustainability is an intrinsic part of Penningtons Manches Cooper’s activities  the firm is focused not only on reducing the negative effects that its own organisation may have on the environment but also on engaging with its clients to help them navigate the risks posed by climate change. The company is working towards net zero emissions across its business by 2030. It is also introducing a new sustainable travel policy and developing a strategic approach to its relationship with its suppliers to reduce the emissions linked to their services to the firm. 

The world is now one year into the Decade of Action, and the legal industry must acknowledge its role in saving the planet from climate change. Beyond the ethical imperative, following best practice on sustainability has become an important part of client acquisition in the sector. Many firms also report that good sustainable practice is of growing importance in the recruitment and retention of staff. A robust sustainability and carbon reduction plan can thus become part of a long term, climate friendly and profitable strategy.  



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This is to certify that has achieved a reduction in its carbon footprint and is committed to continous improvement in sustainability.

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We are committed to reducing our carbon emmissions yearly so that together, we can all halt climate change

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We engage our employees and wider stakeholders to unlock their talent and knowledge to drive year on year progress in sustainability.


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