Monarch Partnership: “reporting on environmental impacts is a proven advantage for organisations of all sizes”

Jan 10, 2018 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Leading energy and utility consultancy Monarch Partnership wants to be the most sustainable and efficient utilities management consultancy in the industry. Sustainability consultant David Carlyon explains why becoming a holder of The Planet Mark™ will help it achieve its objective.


What inspired you to include sustainability in your business agenda?

As a leading energy and utility consultancy with over 30 years of providing intelligent procurement, smart asset management and strategic sustainability services to companies, SMEs, housing associations and charities across the UK, we have always been aware of the direct financial and environmental benefits of proactively managing and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. It has therefore been part of our natural progression to develop a dedicated sustainability division to support all of our clients in limiting their environmental impacts, enhancing resource efficiency and promoting sustainable development throughout their business practices.

Do you think businesses have a responsibility to report their environmental impact?

Yes. From the legislative targets enshrined in the Climate Change Act 2008 to the array of energy, carbon and sustainability requirements across the private, housing and healthcare sectors, reporting on environmental impacts is a proven advantage for organisations of all sizes. We work with our clients to provide a complete breakdown of energy, water and waste consumption in order to report on progress and implement reduction strategies. Reporting on environmental impacts is not only an effective part of corporate and social responsibility, but enables comparison and competition between industries in order to drive real change.

What are the objectives and targets of your sustainability efforts?

Our ambition towards sustainability is clear; to be the most sustainable and efficient utilities management consultancy in the industry. We are aiming to achieve this by continual improvements to our working practices in order to systematically cut CO2 emissions and waste. But we don’t want to stop there. Through our Associate Partnership with The Planet Mark™, we will work with new and existing clients to help them achieve their own certification and implementation of sustainability goals specific to their sector.

What business value do you expect to see from your sustainability efforts?

Through our certification with The Planet Mark™, we are expecting to secure a range of financial and reputational benefits through our streamlined and improved environmental management procedures. These will help us to ensure that our offices are as efficient as possible, in order to save money on bills while reducing CO2 emissions. Our increased sustainability efforts will also develop our relationship with clients and stakeholders. By showcasing our commitment to sustainability, we can demonstrate our expertise when working with organisations to improve their own credentials.

What made you choose The Planet Mark ™?

We chose to work with The Planet Mark™ due to its dedicated focus on continual improvement. In order for us to achieve the highest sustainability standards possible, we believe that this can only be achieved by advancing our progress year-on-year, as opposed to stopping when reaching a ‘golden’ standard. This will also ensure that we provide the same long-term supportive services to our clients. By pushing communications and engagement, we can ensure that every member of the team is committed from the very start.