Moving Brands takes action on carbon with The Planet Mark 

Sep 21, 2020 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Moving Brands, an independent, global creative and innovation partner led by creative and strategic business people, has achieved certification to The Planet Mark. 

This is Moving Brands’ first year of business carbon footprint reporting and certification to The Planet Mark. Moving Brands’ total carbon footprint in year ending September 2019 was 144.7 tCO2e and the relative carbon footprint was 2.4 tCO2e per employee. Moving Brands’ market-based total carbon footprint in year ending September 2019 was 128.8 tCO2e.

It has calculated the carbon footprint of its London, San Francisco and New York operational sites for the year ending September 2019 and set a target to reduce emissions by 5% annually. Location based electricity accounts for 14% of the total carbon emissions and natural gas accounts for 10%. Scope 3 emissions (water, waste, paper and business travel) account for 76% of total emissions. 

Steve Malkin, Founder and CEO of The Planet Mark, commented:We need more companies like Moving Brands. The dedication to the cause of combating climate change is clear to see, from the ambitious goals on carbon to the ability to help its stakeholders become more sustainable. As well as acting on climate in its own back yard, the company is spreading sustainable ideas as far as it can. I have no doubt that the brand will work with The Planet Mark to carve a path toward sustainability.” 

Phil Richardson, Financial Controller, said:  “We’ve always been conscious about what companies we have as clients and suppliers. We want leaders and organisations who share our belief in the power of creativity and innovation, and who are working to have a positive impact in the world. We call this our Perfect Portfolio. 

The environment is one criterion of six that we qualify our clients and suppliers by. It is also a key part in all areas of running our business. The Moving Brands approach to sustainability and the environment is called Fuel. One of our goals at Moving Brands is to become carbon neutral by implementing Fuel. We use it to review everything that we buy — from fruits to finance to flights. 

Fuel has completely realigned our posture. All the items we buy and the products and services we endorse come from brands that share our values — and we’ve done this without increasing our budgets. 

We engaged with The Planet Mark to help us drive forward our goal and see what additional changes we can make on top of the many that we have implemented over the past two years. The Planet Mark also gives us a starting point to measure our progression against and to set goals. The Planet Mark are going to be invaluable in helping us achieve our carbon neutral goal.

First year certification to The Planet Mark is based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability in its business operations by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint and engaging its stakeholders. 

Moving Brands makes its clients both successful and truly sustainable. Its work results in products and experiences that people love, enduring purpose-led brands and innovative new businesses. The innovation industry must realise its important place in the fight against climate change. The decade of climate action is the perfect moment to start or progress on a sustainable journey, and innovation consultancies can both respond to the demand for sustainable innovation, and use their powerful networks to advance practices and solutions that help alleviate the impacts of climate change.