New Joiner Announcement

Jul 1, 2020 | News

Our path to digital transformation and community engagement is strengthened further by the addition of Andrew Griffiths to our management structure. 

Following recent signification promotions internally for both our Certification and Sales teamsand by the addition of a brand new Head of Marketing, we are also embarking on a digital transformation project, which will further enhance the exceptional engagement element of the work we do in supporting our members of The Planet Mark community. 

We are delighted to announce we will be joined by Andrew Griffiths on 13th July as our new Director of Digital and Community. Andrew will lead the use of digital technologies and support community events to nurture new and existing networks, supporting increased engagement with existing The Planet Mark members and open up new markets in line with our digital vision, marketing and sales strategies.

A wearer of many hats, Andrew is an astute problem solver for organisations working on a wide variety of projects including corporate reviews, L&D, business operations, communications and healthcare systems. He is exceptional at creating and celebrating community, having worked prolifically on a wide variety of community initiatives that bring people together. As Institute of Directors Ambassador for Young Directors, Andrew has organised huge range of professional events, including at the Houses of Parliament.  

Andrew said “Having been a huge fan of The Planet Mark for the past couple of years, I’m absolutely over the moon to be joining the team and can’t wait to hit the ground running with helping drive forward our mission of supporting organisations to reduce their carbon and increase social impact.”  

At The Planet Mark we recognise that we must bring together the best of people, technology and nature to tackle the climate crisis. We are embedding digital technology throughout our 3-step certification process to help better measure, engage and communicate every company’s contributions to society and the environment. 

2020-2030 remains the most important decade in human history, the #DecadeOfAction. We are aware of how crucial this time is and despite the exceptionally challenging economic circumstance we all find ourselves in, we have taken important steps to strengthen and deepen our commercial position as we continue to grow and support our community of The Planet Mark members.  

Steve Malkin, CEO, shares: “I vividly remember the moment Andrew accepted our offer to work with the team at The Planet Mark. In the moment it took for him to say ‘yes’ I was struck by the overwhelming feeling that we were going to go on and do something incredible.  He brings boundless energy, passion and knowledge to The Planet Mark that will help us grow and deliver even more positive impacts for society and the environment. We are overjoyed that he is joining.” 

Please join us in welcoming Andrew and celebrating our amazing digital journey together as a thriving community. Together, we will make a world of difference.