Office Coffee retains The Planet Mark™ as it slashes its carbon footprint by 33% per employee

Oct 18, 2017 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Office Coffee, the fast-growing workplace office coffee machine supplier, is proving that cutting carbon and business growth go hand-in-hand.


The company has been awarded The Planet Mark™ sustainability certification for a fourth year, after slashing its carbon footprint by 32.7% per employee in the year 2016 compared to the previous year. Office Coffee’s absolute carbon footprint also fell by 2.7% in the same period.

The carbon emissions reductions have been achieved in a year of significant business growth for Office Coffee, which saw the company increase turnover by 43% and employee numbers by 44%.

Office Coffee’s relative carbon footprint in year ending December 2016 was 3.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) per employee, compared to 5.2 tCO2e 2015. The total carbon footprint was 45.4 tCO2e, compared to 46.6 tCO2e in 2015.

Office Coffee’s 32.7% cut in emissions per employee in 2016 far outstripped the 5% carbon reduction target set by Office Coffee in the previous year. The decrease can be mostly attributed to a 10% decrease in fleet emissions, thanks to the business investing in hybrid electric vehicles.

The Planet Mark™ Certificate recognises Office Coffee’s good practice in sustainability, including:

  • measuring its carbon emissions from electricity, fleet, waste and water
  • cutting its total carbon footprint by 2.7% and its carbon emissions per employee by 32.7%
  • investing in the Eden Project to support education on climate change
  • storing 260 tCO2e by protecting one acre of endangered rainforest through the charity Cool Earth
  • committing to engage employees and suppliers to drive improvements.

Office Coffee founder Richard Doherty, said he was proud of what had been achieved by the company and its employees. “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do,” he said as he was formally presented with The Planet Mark™ Certificate along with members of his team (including office dog Millie) at Office Coffee’s expanding premises in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (see picture). “We are delighted to be recognised by The Planet Mark™ in this way. It really does proves that sustainability is not marketing hype for us. It means that as well as supplying ethical and sustainable coffee, we are showing measurable progress on operational sustainability too.”

Sustainability has been rooted in Office Coffee’s ethos since the company’s formation in 2011. Office Coffee has from the outset supplied Cool Earth Coffee alongside office coffee machines for workplaces. Cool Earth Coffee directly protects endangered rainforest and the communities whose lives depend on it staying standing. In the last year alone, Office Coffee and its customers have helped protect 391 acres of rainforest – almost the equivalent of 200 football pitches – from illegal logging and ranchers. The company also partners with award-winning cleantech company bio-bean, to collect waste coffee grounds which are then turned into advanced biofuels.

Steve Malkin, founder of The Planet Mark™, congratulated Office Coffee on its sustainability performance. “The way Office Coffee has grown its business while making significant reductions in its carbon footprint is a real testament to the ethos of the business. It shows that if you take care of the planet and people, there are tangible economic benefits. And it’s fantastic to see Office Coffee and its customers making such an impact on protecting the rainforest through Cool Earth, a charity we also support by pledging to protect an Acre of Rainforest through every business certification we award.”

The Planet Mark™ was founded in 2013 with the iconic Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, and is awarded to businesses, properties, new developments and projects that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

Since it launched, The Planet Mark™ has certified over 100 organisations and helped holders of The Planet Mark™ cut their average carbon emissions per employee by 5% per annum.

Holders of The Planet Mark™ have a minimum requirement to reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5% per year.