Planet First and The DoNation partner up to motivate the masses to improve business sustainability!

Nov 26, 2014 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

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The Planet Mark is comprised of three parts; Measure, Engage and Communicate. Together with The DoNation we want to make it simpler, more effective and more fun to engage employees in sustainability.

So, now along with the toolkits, DEFRA Personal Sustainability Survey and workshops, why not look at how you can really reach each individual and involve them in improving your organisation’s sustainability?

The DoNation have developed an award winning technology platform that provides a straightforward, effective and motivating way for employees to reduce their environmental footprint and increase their wellbeing through simple actions.

Here’s how it works:

Companies set up tailored programmes on The DoNation and choose which actions they’d like to promote to their employees. All of the actions have environmental benefits and many have health, community, social and financial benefits too! Employees are invited to make pledges (things like cycling to work, turning off lights in meeting rooms or using video conferencing instead of travelling) on their company’s page as part of a cross-department competition or an event such as Green Week.

Once an employee makes a pledge, it’s added to their company or team total and the carbon savings are displayed on their page. Then the race is on to make the most pledges and save the most carbon!

Employees do their pledges for just two months, which is not long enough to be intimidating but is just long enough to start forming new habits. The DoNation has been proven to encourage long-term behaviour change with 81% of people (who confirm their pledges) continuing with their pledge to some extent, beyond the two months.

The Do Good for Business programmes have an average 30% participation rate with each participant saving £43 per year through reduced energy and travel costs.

At the end of each programme, The DoNation provides a report on how the company has got on, digging into the most popular actions, pledges made over time and overall team winners. The DoNation is all about doing small actions that add up to make a big difference.

And, the good news is that the actions will go into your certification report and be credited on your Planet Mark certificate. This engagement activity can bring cost and carbon savings to your company, increase employee wellbeing and also creates a great narrative for you to talk about in terms of sustainability.

Sounds like an exciting addition to your certification right?

Give a call or drop us a note and we can discuss how the programme can fit into your business.