Planet First strikes deal with Turnkey Group to deliver The Planet Mark™ in Asia

Jan 30, 2017 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Planet First, creator and custodian of The Planet Mark™ sustainability certification, has struck a deal with Turnkey Group, which will see The Planet Mark™ delivered across Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia and Australasia for the first time.


(From left to right: Tony Wines, CEO, Turnkey; Sarah Gillett, head of partnerships, Planet First; Ian Catley, business development director, Turnkey; Marta Bojarzynska, business development manager, Turnkey; Steve Malkin, CEO, Planet First and founder of The Planet Mark™)

Under the new partnership, Turnkey Group, a global professional services company headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in the UK, Denmark, Spain, Seattle and Singapore, will offer The Planet Mark™ alongside it’s existing services. These include a unique and dynamic web-based sustainability platform that tracks sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) data to help companies manage risk, compliance and cost savings in their operations and supply chain. The agreement was signed last week and marks the latest step to scale The Planet Mark™ globally.

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Turnkey operates globally in multiple industry verticals, with a strong emphasis on companies with complex supply chains. Turnkey is a leading environmental software and professional services company in Asia with a strong portfolio of clients including Siemens, Pacific Andes, CCWG and Fung Group. It has recently partnered with Endeavour Capital to expand into Australia and New Zealand and has rapidly grown its network across the European and US markets.

“Companies we work with across the Far East are increasingly telling us they want to demonstrate their sustainability credentials, not just manage their impact,” said Tony Wines, CEO of Turnkey Group. “The Planet Mark™ accreditation offers a simple and effective way to do this. It also provides an excellent programme for companies whether they are starting out on their sustainability journey or looking to set long-term targets and report their achievements.”

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First, added: “Turnkey’s highly regarded sustainability platform and strong presence in the Asian markets makes it an ideal partner for Planet First as we begin to scale The Planet Mark™ internationally. Together we can offer a compelling solution to organisations in the Far East that are reporting on sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We look forward to making our first certification announcement in this region very soon.”

The deal with Turnkey Group follows hot on the heels The Planet Mark™’s launch into Africa through a licensing agreement with Sunbird Group, the fast-expanding construction and support services company with operations across East and Southern Africa.

Planet First also recently announced the launch of its Associate Programme, which will see UK consultancies including Low Carbon Europe offer The Planet Mark™ to existing and new clients.

The Planet Mark™ was founded three years ago with the iconic Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, and is awarded to businesses, properties, new developments and projects that are committed to reducing their carbon emissions.

Since it launched in 2013, The Planet Mark™ has certified over 100 organisations and delivered an average carbon emissions reduction of 14.5% per employee for its clients.

Planet Mark-certified businesses have a minimum requirement to reduce their carbon emissions by 2.5% per year.

Eden Project is developing its first overseas Eden tourist attraction and centre in China.

Turnkey Group was established in 2006 as a professional services company in the logistics and supply chain industry. In 2014 it has developed Turnkey Solutions, the leading sustainability tool in Asia with a global network of users and sites. Since then Turnkey has rapidly grown it’s network expanding to Singapore, London, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Seattle and Wellington (New Zealand).

To learn more about Turnkey Group please visit its website and follow it on Linkedin and Twitter for the newest updates.