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Planet Mark ’15MinuteHowTo’ Webinar with UBM, organisers of Facilities Show

Jun 5, 2015 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Events; Success and Sustainability

Join us on 11th June at 12.30 for The Planet Mark β€˜15 Minute How To’ Webinar when we will be joined by Lucie Thomas, Sustainability Co-ordinator from UBM to discover how to achieve success and sustainability running and participating in large scale events including the Facilities Show.

Visitors of conferences and expos know that huge amount of resources are used to produce such large shows both on the side of the hosting company and the individual exhibitors. UBM takes sustainability seriously and is leading the way by achieving The Planet Mark for the Facilities Show. The Protection and Management Series is also accredited to the international standard ISO 20121 for Sustainable Event Management.


During the course of the discussion you will discover:

  • Why sustainability is important to events companies and the sector
  • How UBM engage with the exhibitors and visitors of the show to help reduce their environmental impact
  • How communications are used to spread awareness at the exhibition
  • Top tips for hosting a sustainable event

Steve Malkin, CEO of Planet First, will be delivering a seminar on improving value and margin through sustainable property management on 18th June at 3.20pm at the Facilities Show Seminar Theatre. Please visit Planet First on stand S1000.

UBM Facilities Show with Planet First

By ThePlanetMark Friday, June 5, 2015