Planning for now and the future

May 4, 2020 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">Steve Malkin</a>

By Steve Malkin

Chief Executive Officer

The immediate and pressing need for many organisations has been to rapidly adapt to the new type of economy we are currently within. At the same time businesses are also having to look beyond  the immediate lockdown phase to what a future may look like. In many ways, the decisions that are made now will form the type of ‘new normal’ we emerge into – a challenging balancing act between the immediate and the near future.Planning for the future of our economy can also be done in tandem with planning for the future of our society and the planet.  

If ever we needed it, we are all now very aware of how our lives are indebted to those people in our essential services. I am sure we have all appreciated those who have dedicated their lives to be in the front line, be it in the health and care sectors, in education and across the public services. But perhaps there is more visibility of those that we rely on in our buses and public transport, in the shops that we rely on, the logistics serving us at home and to those in the waste and cleaning sectors who are doing so much for so many. 

At the same time individuals and organisations have been stepping into support fill in the gaps, by volunteering across our communities and helping charities reach the most vulnerable and companies repurposing production lines to meet new needs, especially in PPE and food distribution. 

There are also many positive news reports of how some people are enjoying quieter roads and less pollution, with cleaner air and lower carbon emissions. It seems that there are lessons here for society and the planet, and we may want to find ways to keep hold of those benefits. 

As the Prime Minister stated in his daily press conference last Thursday “by coming together we are stronger” and he went on to say that there are reasons to be hopeful. Those of you familiar with The Planet Mark know this is our mantra too: together we are a collective force for good.  

These are challenging, uncharted and traumatic times, but our business communities and our social communities will bounce back from this crisis. We ourselves are working on plans to support our community with regeneration plans, so every business can get the cash flow moving and create safe working environments for their teams, within a better world for all. We will share our plans with you once we have formulated them and welcome your engagement in this process.  

For all of us, we’re not there yet, we still have some way to go in this current lockdown phase, which is hitting far too many of us far too hard, but by combining the very best of people, technology and nature and communicating our achievements within our communities, we can all share and learn in order to get sight of a clear way forward.  

Please keep safe and keep connected, because together we are a collective force for good.  

With best wishes,  

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