Regenerative Economy

Jun 4, 2020 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">Steve Malkin</a>

By Steve Malkin

Chief Executive Officer

We hosted our Make Your Mark webinar on Regenerative Economy this week, which brought about great discussion from our speakers and in response to questions from our audience. 

Right now, is a defining moment when we can turn the tables on climate change and set us on a new trajectory to zero carbon. Are we recognising the value of our relationship with nature to invest in natural capital to reverse biodiversity loss and the 6th mass-extinction? And are we going to reward those brands that give back to society and that contribute to our communities? 

The fiscal recovery packages that will drive economies around the world and here in the UK can deliver all of the above. We can power through this forthcoming recession by going green and finally provide the harmonious balance between our economy, environment and society.   

As the OECD said: We can no longer rely on economic growth on its own to make our societies better off…If we were to suggest a simple phrase to summarise this, we might describe it as a path of development which meets the needs of both people and planet.”  

For me there were some key take-aways from our webinar: 

1. We recognise that this is a defining moment for humanity. The Covid-19 crisis is an unfolding tragedy, but it has presented an opportunity for us to build back better. There is a Goldilocks Zone or perhaps a Greenielocks Zone. Investing in key themes such as clean energy and infrastructure, clean R&D spending and public infrastructure can deliver high positive economic outcomes and high positive climate change outcomes that also deliver for society through job creation and long-term skills development. And it will lock-in ongoing carbon emissions reductions to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of the climate crisis.

2. We must communicate. Will business stand up for a sustainable future? Individuals and organisations can guide the conversations and hold politicians to account to ensure that strong rhetoric turns into strong action. The business case for sustainability and the regenerative economy is clear, it must be our new normal and we must add our voices to those around us to increase the pressure on governments and institutions to hold them to the promises that are being made.  As Brian O’Callaghan said:  “Every extra breath can pop the rhetoric balloon.” How do we lend our voice to do that? 

  • Pressure. Pressure. Pressure. 
  • Ensure that you walk your talk – make sure your business is embracing sustainability.  
  • Use your personal and business networks from your social media, company reports, petitions and more – tell your sustainability story and share the news.
3. Leadership and lobbying. Business cannot and must not wait for governments to legislate. As Nicki Whittaker said: “We have to be the change.” Measure and reduce your carbon emissions and other environmental impacts but go beyond. Do more. Engage your people in the process, collaborate with your supply chain, innovate and make a difference. Lead by example, demonstrate that sustainability is good for business and lobby for the regenerative economy.   
The World Economic Forum virtual meeting took place yesterday also, HRH Prince Charles recognised that the Covdi-19 pandemic is a chance to reset the global economy. In an article in The Guardian he is quoted “We have a unique but rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to learn lessons and reset ourselves on a more sustainable path,” 
The regenerative economy will support and reward those organisations that truly contribute to society and the planet. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reset our economy and together we can make a difference. 

We will continue this discussion and provide a community to facilitate support.

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