Strengthening of our management structure

Jun 23, 2020 | News

At The Planet Mark, along with our community of clients, we are a collective force for good. Even while we transition to the new normal in the aftermath of the tragedy and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020-2030 remains the most important decade in human history, the #DecadeOfAction.  

We are aware of how crucial this time is and despite the exceptionally challenging economic circumstance we all find ourselves in, we have taken important steps to strengthen and deepen our commercial position as we continue to grow and support our community of The Planet Mark holders.  

Aligned to this, we are delighted to recognise the superb efforts of our amazing team members through several significant promotions.

Please join us in congratulating: 

Nadia Karagianni on becoming Head of Certification. Nadia has been with The Planet Mark since January 2017 and heads up a robust and expert team of six. Nadia and the certification team are guided by excellence and strive to ensure the highest level of data quality and analysis sits behind The Planet Mark certification, so every holder can be truly proud of their achievement.  
Jonathan Withey on becoming Head of Business Development. Jonathan has been with The Planet Mark since 2019 and has rapidly increased our sales in a short space of time. He heads up a dynamic team of four. Jonathan has an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations face in embedding sustainability into their core business practices. He is looking forward to helping organisations on their sustainability journeys and growing The Planet Mark community. 
The Planet Mark is the only sustainability certification to incorporate communication as a critical element of success. Communication is critical to provide people around the world with a vision of what is possible in creating a better way of living and the role they can play in making it happen.
We have recognised the need to further enhance our existing outstanding Marketing team through the appointment of Claire Walmsley-Moss as Head of Marketing. Claire and her team will elevate the profile of The Planet Mark, helping us to become the most recognisable, trusted and desirable sustainability certification across the UK, and facilitate our future expansion in Europe and globally.  

Holders of The Planet Mark are bound by a common purpose: to help all people contribute to a thriving planet. We have no choice but to step forward; we see the cost of inaction played out in real-time daily in the news. 

Steve Malkin, CEO shares “We are delighted to make these announcements, promoting from within the business with Nadia and Jonathan becoming heads of their departments in The Planet Mark and being able to attract someone as talented as Claire to the business to lead our marketing team.  Whilst we face much uncertainty, we see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do something incredible and set our world on a new trajectory to a zero carbon and healthier society.  That is why we continue to invest into our team and into The Planet Mark certification. 

Together, we can make this decade the most exciting period of action imaginable. And a time when, if people ask where you were when the climate debate became a national and international movement, you can say I stood up and I did my bit. Let’s make this the decade we put a stop to climate change. Join us in the #DecadeOfAction, where together we will make a world of difference.