Sustainability and FREM’s  ‘Matrix 6’  workplace collection

Aug 18, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Frem Group, The Planet Mark-certified UK designer and manufacturer of workplace solutions, has launched its latest innovation in office technology that puts sustainability at the heart of office design.


The ‘Matrix 6’ collection is described as “a flexible, personalised ‘home from home’ environment” that integrates the latest digital technologies in a hexagonal modular ‘booth-style’ system that can be adapted to any size space.

A collaboration between Frem, award-winning designer Rock Galpin and psychologist Dr. Craig Knight, it incorporates sustainable materials manufactured in the UK, energy efficient technology, and has been designed to increase space efficiency, wellbeing and productivity at work.

“We’ve been very careful about product, using sustainable materials and fabrics wherever possible,” Rock Galpin said about the Matrix 6. These include sustainably sourced acoustic panels designed by Frem Group Screens, which is accredited to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This means all its sheet timber material is sourced from sustainable supply lines. Kvadrat fabrics have been used in the collection. Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles. Kvadrat shares Frem’s dedication to the highest standards, coupled with the desire to minimise environmental impact. Elsewhere, Matrix 6 incorporates LED lighting in it’s ‘Meeting Time Monitor’, a system that encourages optimum use of the booths at all times.

Planet Mark-certified since 2013, Frem says it is “committed to creating a better environment in all that it does”. As well as manufacturing all of its products in the UK, it says it aims to use recyclable materials, or those with a valid chain of custody certification, wherever possible. It also actively looks for new ways to cut down waste, save energy and reduce its carbon footprint. The company achieved a 1% year-on-year cut in its absolute carbon footprint and a 14% carbon reduction per employee in its latest Planet Mark certification reporting period (Oct 2014-Sept 2015).

Aside from sustainable use of materials, Rock said the “the big eco aspect” of the Matrix 6 collection is its space saving features. The booths break down into different sizes from one booth that seats four people up to several that can seat 30 people, but still with a smaller footprint than a typical conference room.

“At the centre of this collection, we are trying to create an environment that is conducive to the types of meetings people are now having and maximising the use of space,” Rock commented.

Research by Dr Knight suggests its possible to enhance wellbeing by 50%, effective intelligence by 19% and performance by 32% if a workplace is appropriately designed.

Matrix 6 was launched this week at Clerkenwell Design Week in London (May 24-26).