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Aug 18, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

BT’s 100% Sport is a global campaign to inspire sports fans to adopt renewable energies. Here’s five ways to turn the sport fan in your workplace into a sustainability champion

BT 100% sport teams with sailing champion Ben Ainslee

Last week, BT got together with sports industry and sustainability experts from around the world to find ways to tap into the power of sports fans to tackle climate change. It followed the launch of 100% Sport, a BT campaign launched last month with sailing champion Sir Ben Ainslie to inspire sports fans to adopt renewable energies.

“With 600 million people following the Liverpool football club, what if 10 per cent of them switched to a renewable energy provider? The power of these fans and the numbers can be truly transformational”, Niall Dunne, chief sustainability officer at BT, said.

In a poll taken during the meeting, more than half (55 per cent) of those present online and offline agreed sports fans and team mates were the best way to influence others to take action on climate change.

So here are five ways you can engage the sport fan in your workplace to become a sustainability champion:

1. Take a survey – surveying your staff is great first step to unlocking the talent within your organisation to make change happen. Planet First’s ‘Sustainability Engagement Survey’ can help you find the ‘positive greens’ within your organisation. But remember to also ask them what sport team they follow and what their favourite sport is.

2. Make a pledge – sport is a great activity around which to launch a pledging campaign for a sustainable initiative. Do Nation, a Planet First partner, offers an online pledging app to enable individuals or organisations to do this. Last month, for example, Mike Forde, used Do Nation and ran the Inverness marathon to raise pledges from friends and family to make sustainable changes in their lives. The pledges he raised equated to 323 kg CO2 saved in just two months.

3. Work in the community – explore how you and your staff could lend a hand to do something positive for your local sports club. Local councils demand that sports clubs get involved in their local communities, so they’ll probably bite your hand off if you get in touch and offer your services. Sutton Football Club, for example, got its fans to clean up the areas around the club’s football ground. Since the clean-up, the areas have been revamped into new football training grounds for the local community.

4. Reward positive action – make it worthwhile for those sports fans in your organisation who want to do something positive. In return for taking action on climate change, reward them with a ticket to see their favourite team play, for example. At Planet First, we offer all Planet Mark-certified organisations tickets to visit our partner Eden Project, which they can use as rewards for their members of staff.

5. Get in touchPlanet First is a sustainability engagement specialist. We can help you make your engagement programme really take off. We’d love to hear from you, so get in touch!

You can find out more about BT’s 100%Sport campaign on the BT website.