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Aug 4, 2016 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

In the first interview from ‘The Planet Mark Unsung Heroes of Sustainability’ series, we talk to Megan Rayner, sustainability manager at M3 Solutions, the facilities and sustainability services company

Megan Rayner sustainability champion M3 Solutions

Eco champions, green team leaders, sustainability warriors – call them what you will – these are the people that can make your sustainability programme fizz instead of fizzle out. Megan Rayner, sustainability manager at M3 Solutions, explains why she calls herself a “sustainability warrior” and why the business world needs more people like her.

Q. What got you first interested in sustainability?

A. “From a young age, my mum always told me to wash out all our tin cans, recycle them, reuse all of our food waste and recycle it in a compost bin.

“Now that I’m in the position that I’m in at M3 solutions […] I’ve got a real chance to make a change.”

Q. What is your role at M3 Solutions?

A. “Everything we do at M3 Solutions is sustainability-driven, from getting the deliveries to the site to making sure the sites run efficiently and also making sure the office is run sustainably. That’s my role.”

Q. As well as office interiors, M3 provides solar and LED lighting solutions. Tell me about the innovative ways you are making a difference for your customers?

A. “Not only are we putting the solar panels on our clients’ roofs, we’re investing in a screen in the reception, which is showing footage of a drone we’ve flown over their building.

“[This is not only] showing the physical amount of solar panels we’ve installed, but also showing the amount of energy they’ve produced.”

Q. What are the rewards for you in the role you play at M3 Solutions?

A. “The rewards for me are seeing people notice what I do and also jumping on board with that and taking the [necessary] actions.

“Another big reward is when a client phones me up and says, ‘Megan, I’ve produced 2,000 kilowatt hours today’. Firstly, understanding what a kilowatt hour is is amazing, and secondly, getting them excited about it makes me feel I’ve recruited another sustainability warrior.”

Q. What do you think could make the single biggest difference to business sustainability?

“If there were lots of people like me in companies – not just in the UK but worldwide – we could really make a difference for sustainability.”

To find out more about our Unsung Hero Megan and how she’s helping put sustainability at the forefront of everything M3 Solutions does, watch the video.