The Decade of Action

Dec 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Will you empower all your employees, suppliers and customers 

to take climate action?

2020-2030 will be the most important decade in our history. What we do in this period will determine the course for humanity. If we act now, we can avert irreversible environmental damage and hold on to a planet that is fit for life, now and in the future. As implored by the UN, we must all commit to a Decade of Action. This mission has never been more critical.

Holders of The Planet Mark are bound by a common purpose: to help all people contribute to a thriving planet. We have no choice but to step forward; we see the cost of inaction played out in real time daily in the news.

If people ask where you were when the climate debate became a national and international movement, you can say I stood up and I did my bit. Let’s make this the decade we put a stop to climate change. Join us in The Decade of Action.


“Companies with better environmental, social and governance standards typically record stronger financial performance and beat their benchmarks.” – Financial Times 

“If some companies and industries fail to adjust to this new world, they will fail to exist,”  – Governor, Mark Carney, Bank of England 

1. Increased profits as customers reward sustainable businesses

2. Customer trust & loyalty
will come from sustainability transparency

3. Increased social value
from addressing environmental and social concerns


4. Cost savings from energy bills, retaining staff & more financial security

5.  Future proofed business
from understanding long-term affects of climate change on your business

6. Competitive advantage
through communicating your positive environmental & social progress

7. Attracting & retaining talent as people increasingly want to work for ethical & purposeful companies

8. Better brand positioning & alignment from addressing climate change and other global issues



Many companies who are on the journey to tackle the climate crisis struggle most with managing the carbon footprint outside of their control (scope 3 emissions). Host a #1Planet1Choice event with your suppliers to showcase your sustainability achievements. We will help them understand global issues, the business case for sustainability and give them the tools they need to take climate action.