The Furniture Practice: employees embracing sustainability

Feb 27, 2015 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

The Furniture Practice is a furniture consultancy working on products, services and all aspects of furniture specification and procurement on projects around the globe.

Since 2013 The Furniture Practice has been working to integrate sustainability into the business to ensure that it becomes the normal way of working.

Matt Davies, Director at The Furniture Practice commented “We are absolutely delighted to be in The Planet Mark programme. The whole of the business has got behind the initiative. The ‘green team’ meetings are incredibly well attended and have been a great forum for useful ideas that help deliver environmental improvements. It is great to know that the changes that we have implemented do make a real difference to our carbon footprint and also help provide employees with a sense of involvement.

Starting their sustainability programme by asking their employees to all complete the Planet First, Defra Personal Sustainability Survey they were able to attain who was engaged in sustainability, who was less so and also gauge the overall feeling towards the environment. Having run initiatives throughout 2013 they reran the Personal Sustainability Survey and found that largely the personal views had become more positive.

When compared to the national average, the 2015 results show that overall, employees at The Furniture Practice are highly motivated and interested in sustainability as Positive Greens and Concerned Consumers segments are higher and Stalled Starters and Honestly Disengaged levels are lower than the UK average.

At The Furniture Practice, they have introduced initiatives to make it simple for employees at all levels to work sustainably.

They have changed to a low-carbon courier company and run switch-off initiatives focused on the computer monitors, prints and the lights. They have also set all printers to print double sided which cuts ‘paper costs considerably whether printing or copying and help[s] conserve resources by reducing paper wastage’

To reduce their waste, the cleaners have been instructed to collect and remove waste bins only when they are full. They have gone further in their waste reduction efforts by working to increase the re-use of waste furniture with a zero-to-landfill objective.

The Furniture Practice will incorporate energy efficiency measures into the office move that is planned for this year.