The Hospital Club and Sustainability Week

Sep 29, 2015 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

A packed schedule of discussions, screenings and high profile speakers will aim to “enliven” as well as inform during Sustainability Week at The Hospital Club.

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The seven-day programme, which runs from 14th to 20th November, will focus on a different theme each day, including climate change, smart cities, green entrepreneurs and sustainable foods. It is being curated with the help of Planet First and Guy Battle, founder of The Sustainable Business Partnership. Speakers will include Professor Peter Sharratt, Julie Hirigoyen, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council, Jen Hawes-Hewitt, director for Global Cities Strategy at Accenture, James Cameron, co-founder of Climate Change Capital, and Greg Barker, former Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Paul G. Allen, owner of The Hospital Club, which is certified to The Planet Mark, said: “The Hospital Club was launched to connect people and foster an exchange of ideas. Now we’re building on that mission by leveraging our network of members and our venue to promote sustainable practices across the creative industries. Through efforts like Sustainability Week, the Club brings community groups together to discuss and share how we can be more responsible global citizens and make the world a better place.”

Steve Malkin, ceo of Planet First added: “Our relationship with The Hospital Club was created to establish a series of ‘firsts’: the first carbon footprint for the business; the first opportunity to engage members; and now, the Hospital Club Sustainability Week – the first time such a powerful group of speakers have come together to challenge and inspire.”

Battle said: “The aim of this week is to enliven the [sustainability] debate, include people beyond the norm and to create a Manifesto of Ideas with artists and media leading from the front.’’

Documentary film distributor Dogwoof is partnered exclusively with The Hospital Club to schedule a free members’ film each night exploring each day’s issue even further.


Saturday November 14th

11.30am: Kids’ day: A day of activities for kids and teenagers. The ‘I Wonder’ kids workshop. Calling all kids; grown-ups need your help! They haven’t got a clue. They desperately need your brain power to help explore some really earth shatteringly important questions, like what kind of world do you want to live in and why, what do you love best about the world now and is the world fair?

2pm: Screening

Sunday November 15th

12pm-6pm: Sustainable Sunday Roasts. The classic roast dinner with a sustainable difference

2pm: Screening

5pm: Screening: How to Cook Your Life

Monday November 16th

7pm: Climate change and our moral responsibility. Why are we still dithering? We are on target for the hottest year ever recorded and yet the world seems to continue to dither – politicians are scared of acting for fear of losing the vote, business seems to be worrying more about the Chinese downturn of markets and we, the citizen remains apathetic; why, how and what should we be doing?

9pm: Screening: Chasing Ice

Tuesday November 17th

9am: Smart Cities: The future of our cities – adapt or get left behind.

9am: Technology and smart cities – how tech is shaping our sustainable future

7pm: Smart Cities. Short-term gain or long-term planning: How can our cities best adapt to the new challenges they now face; rapid urbanisation, housing shortages, infrastructure and funding constraints. Will the shorter term demands for growth come at the expense of dealing the longer term challenges such as energy security, climate resilience and social progress?

9pm: Screening: InRealLife

Wednesday November 18th

9am: Entrepreneurs: The Climate for Entrepreneurs. A discussion on how you can embed sustainability from a business start-up. There is a debate about whether it is easier for a start-up compared to an existing business who has to retro-fit sustainability.

7pm: The Climate for Entrepreneurs – creating the environment for new business model.

7pm: Sustainable supperclub

7pm: Screening: Print The Legend

Thursday November 19th

9am: Food and Performance: How to shift behaviours and encourage change. A day of performance and food! In collaboration with the SRA, this talk will focus on how people see sustainability, feelgood businesses, shifting behaviour and how to influence your company to change. With guest speakers from The Savoy and Salt Yard Group

7pm: A Climate Change Cabaret based on an analogy of Greek Tragedy using the analogy that mankind is headed for tragedy as victims of their own Hubris. Expect characters such as Cassandra, Icarus, Persephone & Demeter and Iphigenia as the start to our stars. With a company of 8-10 people including stunning acrobatic performances, submersive puppetry, dark comedy, storytelling, innovative digital experiences and a musical chorus. The show will be immersive and call the audience to action and to challenge their own relationship with climate change.

Friday November 20th

9am: Disruptive Communication.

9pm: Screening: Big Boys Gone Bananas