The Planet Mark Awards 2018: Winners revealed at glittering ceremony

Oct 18, 2018 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

Sustainability champions and enlightened leaders were amongst those being celebrated at The Planet Mark Awards, hosted at Sadlers Wells Theatre, on 12th October

Five years ago we took the bold step to launch a new sustainability brand – The Planet Mark. We wanted to do our bit to accelerate sustainability by making it easier for organisations to have more positive impacts on society and the environment.We wanted to empower individuals within organisations so that, if they were inspired to do their bit for climate change or for the planet, there was a way to exercise that energy in their place of work.We wanted to create a brand that would at the very least talk to people and would ideally inspire them. To do that, we had to position sustainability as something which is achievable, easy to do and aspirational, from a personal and organisational perspective.

Our five year anniversary awards showcased the outstanding achievements in sustainability from our diverse and growing community of holders of The Planet Mark. After a remarkable number of entries, 38 shortlisted finalists were whittled down by our esteemed panel of judges to 12 separate winners across four categories – Engage, Measure, Communicate and Overall.

Founder Steve Malkin took to the stage to unveil the impact The Planet Mark has had to date. “This is a special day for us,” he said, “Five years to the month after the new certification brand was launched in partnership with the Eden Project, the Awards being announced today offer a fantastic opportunity for our holder teams to celebrate, and be recognised for the great work they are doing. “Much has happened in our world since then, some good, some less so. But one thing has not changed, and that is our commitment to creating a better quality of life for us, our future generations and our fellow passengers on this wonderful planet.”

The evening also served as an opportunity to introduce the measurement of social value as part of The Planet Mark certification programme. Sarah Gillett, director of Planet First, explained measuring social impact alongside environmental impact, would provide “a more rounded and holistic picture” of an organisation’s sustainability.

Guest speaker Sir Tim Smit said “We are all psychotically hooked into a world where we don’t know when to say stop. We are better than being just consumers, we are citizens and we have future generations to keep in mind. That is why The Planet Mark is important, it is something around which we can cohere, it is about having a moral compass”

Big winners

Web design agency Giant Peach took home the coveted Absolute Carbon Reduction Award, with judges recognising the agencies 41% reduction in electricity emissions, and 79% decrease in business air travel emissions 79%, despite significant business growth.

Clarity-The Soap Co. and GreenZone Cleaning and Support Services also took top honours on the night, winning the Best Newcomer and Best Company awards respectively. Meanwhile, Eight Associates took home the Carbon Reduction Per Employee Award.

In the two people categories, Bywaters Head of Health and Sustainability Ed Van Reenen won the Outstanding Individual Award; and DP World London Gateway’s Emma Cowper was crowned the winner of the Sustainability Influencer Award.

The Planet Mark Awards 2018 – The winners

Employee Engagement Award

Winner- CLARITY-The Soap Co.

Sustainability Campaign Award

Winner- Bywaters

Annual Sustainability Report Award

Winner- Bidfood

Carbon Reduction per Employee Award

Winner- Eight Associates

Outstanding Individual Award

Winner- Ed Van Reenen

Sustainability Influencer Award

Winner- Emma Cowper

Community Engagement Award

Winner- Bidfood

Supply Chain Engagement Award

Winner- Prologis UK

Absolute Carbon Reduction Award

Winner- Giant Peach

Data Quality and Collection Award

Winner- The Furniture Practice

Best Newcomer Award

Winner- CLARITY-The Soap Co. GreenZone Cleaning

Best Company Award

Winner- GreenZone Cleaning & Support Services

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