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Jul 2, 2015 | News

By <a href="" target="_self">George Catchpole</a>

By George Catchpole

Marketing Manager

One month of simple steps to improve pitches and prequalification questionnaires.

To be included in a new supply chain and win business, suppliers constantly need to improve their sustainability credentials, particularly in response to information requests and prequalification questionnaires.

This is one of the biggest business benefits from The Planet Mark certification and corporate sustainability more generally.

Every Thursday throughout July Planet First will be helping you Win Business with a Sustainable Supply Chain. You will receive free resources, guidance, and advice to help your organisation be a sustainable supplier and engage your own supply chain in sustainability.

These materials are exclusively available for Planet Mark certified businesses.

Most organisations are both the procurer and supplier. If you can show that you consider sustainability in your business operations AND your supply chain it can help you retain and win business, whilst reducing your environmental impact.

In order to provide contracts, many public sector organisations and private companies require their suppliers to provide evidence of sustainability in their supply chain. Procuring low carbon, low waste goods and services helps meet your business sustainability objectives and those of your current and potential customers.

Case Study:

Marks and Spencer have put a sustainable supply chain approach into action through Plan A. They have worked with their food suppliers and farmers on a Gold/Silver/Bronze sustainability benchmarking standard.

Since it launched in 2007, Plan A has helped M&S in many different ways; their brand is now seen as a leader in sustainability, £625m net benefit has been generated by Plan A since 2007, it has enabled external communication of the sustainability work M&S are doing and it has encouraged their suppliers to become more sustainable with 32% of M&S food now coming from suppliers who meet plan a silver sustainability. They have achieved zero waste to landfill and improved efficiency per square ft by 36% (after weather adjustments). Stats from Plan A 2015 Report

To achieve all of this, M&S have strict policies for their suppliers. They expect standards to be met and improvements to be made.

‘At Marks & Spencer, we take great care selecting the companies who supply us directly with products and services. Our Global Sourcing Principles establish the standards for suppliers working with us’ (M&S Global Sourcing Principles)

Make your supply chain more sustainable and win business with simple steps to engage your suppliers and improve your customer relations.

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